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Professional Consulting

Fix your Captivate issue NOW

If you have an Adobe Captivate e-learning project or a issue that requires deep expertise with the application, then Infosemantics can offer that expertise in easily affordable one-hour consulting blocks. 

Which member of our team (Rod or Tristan) you engage for the consulting work, really depends on what type of expertise you require.  Read their brief bios below and make your enquiry via the contact form provided lower down on this page.

Rod Ward

Walking Talking Captivate Encyclopedia

Rod has been using Captivate since it was called RoboDemo. He has helped thousands find solutions to their Captivate issues. No one has a better understanding on Captivate's strengths, limitations and quirks.

Extensive Professional Experience

Rod has also personally built effective courses for clients of all sizes across a wide range of industries. He holds Adobe Community Professional status on the Captivate forum and has written several books about Captivate.


Director of Infosemantics. Rod is a Technical Author, Information Designer, and E-Learning Developer with well over a decade of hands-on industry experience building e-learning courses. Based in Perth, Western Australia, he has worked professionally under contract as an e-learning designer/developer and technical author for companies in Australia and internationally. (Rod speaks fluent English and Spanish, plus some Mandarin Chinese.)

E-learning projects normally require a team of people with diverse creative talents. But Rod’s many years of experience enable him to single-handedly complete projects. He does everything from initial Business Analysis, to Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Web Development, Animation Development, Content Development, Script Writing, Voiceover Recording, SCORM Configuration and final LMS.

Rod has used every version of Adobe Captivate since before version 1 (when Captivate was originally called RoboDemo).  His vast experience in using this application has enabled him to write several e-books on advanced techniques, as well as how to troubleshoot the plethora of issues e-learning developers can potentially encounter.

Rod Ward is a name known around the world in the Adobe Captivate community due to the fact that he answers questions nearly every day on the Adobe Captivate User Forum.  If you need someone that REALLY knows Adobe Captivate, this is the man you want.  

Rod’s hourly consulting time rate is: $97.50 USD.

Tristan Ward

The Captivate Hacker

Tristan has made a career out of writing code that makes Captivate beg for mercy. He's created dozens of widgets and is the head developer of the most powerful Captivate extension ever - CpExtra.

JavaScript Programmer

Tristan's programming experience is not limited to Captivate. He in comfortable with a wide variety of modern Javascript technologies such as Node, Gulp and Ramda.


Tristan is Rod’s son and Infosemantics’ resident programming expert in JavaScript and HTML5.  He started programming at just 15 years of age and within a year had programmed our first SWF widget for Adobe Captivate using the ActionScript programming language.  Over the next few years he went on to program ten different SWF widgets that came to be used by e-learning developers all around the world.

More recently, with the decline of SWF and Flash, he turned his attention to HTML5 and JavaScript.  The result is the now famous CpExtra HTML5 widget.  This single JavaScript plugin for Adobe Captivate not only replaces many of Tristan’s previous SWF widgets but adds scores of other features and bug fixes to the application as well.  

Tristan is also a power user of Adobe Animate and uses it to build many of the 2D animations and interactive components included in our mobile-friendly Captivate e-learning courses.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tristan has also learned to read, write and speak fluent Mandarin Chinese! 

Tristan’s hourly consulting time rate is: $97.50 USD.

Enquire about hourly consulting time

Money-back Guarantee: If we do not believe we are able to solve your problem, we will let you know in advance before asking you to purchase time.  If after purchasing time time you do not feel you received good value, we will gladly refund your purchase amount.