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AdHoc Consulting Time – Rent Tristan Ward’s Brain By the Hour!


PLEASE NOTE:  Prices quoted are in USD (not AUD Australian).

Need an experienced HTML5/JavaScript programmer to help you solve an impossible Adobe Captivate problem?

All you need to do is book in some professional consulting time with Tristan Ward, the programmer who created the world-renowned CpExtra HTML5 widget now used by e-learning developers around the world to extend the functionality of Adobe Captivate.

If you are unsure about whether or not I might be able to help you, contact me to discuss your needs first.  Use the Contact Form provided here.

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Are you currently struggling with some difficult Adobe Captivate issue that urgently requires a solution?
Why waste hundreds of dollars every day in non-productive development time (not to mention missed deadlines) when the answer could be at your fingertips?

Just book some one-on-one consulting time with an expert HTML5 and JavaScript programmer to solve your Adobe Captivate or e-learning issues.  If I cannot help you with the issue, and you feel consulting me did not provide any useful solutions, I’ll refund your entire purchase immediately.

To pay for the consultation in advance, just click the Add to Cart button below to purchase one hour of consulting time. (There is a minimum charge of one hour for any consultation.)

PLEASE NOTE:  Prices quoted are in USD (not AUD Australian).

If you need more than one hour, just change the number of items in your shopping cart.