Infosemantics Project Portfolio Examples

 Browse through some examples of e-learning courses designed and created by Infosemantics Pty Ltd.  If you think your courses should look as good as these, then please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements.

Safety Awareness

This general awareness course about behavioral-based safety includes several modules with animation, illustrations, images and voiceover. The initial introductory module also allows the user to identify themselves by name.  The completion status of each course module is tracked.  Only after completing all modules can the user print their certificate of completion (not included in this demo).

New Starter Induction

This single module (in 16x9 widescreen format with a separas designed as a short induction for new starters on their first day in a new department.  After a warm welcome it outlines further training they will be expected to complete over coming weeks as they settle into their new role.  (There is no assessment in this module but other courses in the program would have them.)

Supply Chain Management

This is a single module from a much larger awareness-level course dealing with supply chain management concepts and processes. This example teaches some of the basic concepts required for the learner to correctly understand later modules that explore the same topics at greater depth.  A short quiz at the end of the module tests the learner's understanding of these same concepts.

Scenario-based Learning

This course module uses several branching scenarios to test the learner's ability to correctly use a dialog from a downtime reporting software application. This module relies heavily on Captivate variables and advanced actions. In fact, it is probably the most complex course module I have ever created in Captivate. Note also the interactive menu slide that tracks which scenarios the learner has successfully completed.

Business Process Training

This module is another one from the larger course mentioned above that covers principles of supply chain management.  This example is exploring just one of the sub processes involved.  It uses animation and illustration to provide a conceptual overview  of inventory management. Note the interactive menu slide that uses two different colors to show whether or not the learner has completed a given section of the module.

Introduction to Iron and Steelmaking

This was a prototype lesson created for a client in the mining industry with the intention of being able to educate employees about where the raw materials they extracted would end up, and the importance of quality control. This module demonstrates what you can achieve when combining Adobe Captivate and Adobe Flash together. Watch for the 2 minute Flash animation of the steelmaking process in the middle of this lesson!

SAP Occupational Health and Hygiene

A project with a couple of lessons explaining conceptual topics and one rather longish SAP transaction tutorial.

Environmental Management

These course modules were designed to deliver a basic awareness of environmental management issues for all employees working at a water utility.

Office-based Waste Management

This course deals with basic concepts of Sustainability especially as related to management of different types of office-based waste. The course was a lot of fun to create. Watch for the animated rubbish bins in the lesson about "Disposing of Office-based Waste". We used Adobe Flash to animate the bins and lip-synched the audio file to make the bins talk. Various people in the organisation (as well as some of their children) provided voices for the bins. Take the test at the end of this lesson.  But be warned, if you get something wrong the bins may tell you off!



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