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Infosemantics Services

Infosemantics delivers specialist services related to online learning; also known as e-learning.  Some services listed below are more applicable to businesses and other organisations that require creation of custom-built e-learning solutions.  Other services are targeted at professionals working in the e-learning industry who require technical assistance with their own projects.

E-learning Course Design and Development 

This is our most popular service. We predominantly use the Adobe suite of products for course development. Our team members are recognised experts in Adobe Captivate (the current world leading software for rapid e-learning). However, to create truly engaging mobile-friendly e-learning requires that we also make use of other Adobe software tools including Adobe Animate (for animation and interactivity), Adobe Soundbooth (for audio processing ), Adobe Dreamweaver (for web development), Adobe Photoshop (graphics editing) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF creation).

Our clients range from small family-owned software companies, to statewide utilities, to multi-national companies. Topics covered include software training, health and safety, environmental management, sustainability, office-based waste management, manufacturing processes, heavy industry, and many more. We don’t believe in creating boring ‘page-turner’ e-learning courses. We make heavy use of graphics and animation, always voiceover audio (with closed-captioning), engaging interactivity, assessment components, and an element of fun.  

See some samples of our work here…

Instructional Design

When engaged under contract to create an e-learning course we normally perform all phases of the development process, which always begins with analysis and instructional design phases.  However, in some cases clients may have their own team of Adobe Captivate developers and engage us to do just the initial design work. This involves liaising with the client’s Subject Matter Experts to scope out the topic domain and outline the required information and interactivity for the target audience. Once this design is approved, the client’s own team of developers then complete the according to our blueprint. 

Our instructional design approach uses a variety of internationally recognised (and some home-grown) methodologies, including our own customised version of Bloom’s Taxonomy, to break down complex information into a logical hierarchical flow that mo from simple to complex. This approach has been proven in practice to simplify even very technical topic domains so as to take learners from novice to expert in the shortest possible time.

Learning Management System Integration

Learning Management Systems (or LMSs for short) were once only found in very large organisations. However, now that use of the internet is ubiquitous, almost every organisation with more than a handful of employees or contractors finds they can save significant amounts of money on employee training by delivering online courses from an LMS.  This allows employees or contractors to access the courses at any time, on any device, and have the results automatically tracked and recorded by the system.  Management reports can then be used for compliance or performance enhancement projects. 

Our involvement in building SCORM-compliant e-learning courses since the early 2000,s has allowed us to become very proficient at working with Learning Management Systems. If a client has no LMS, we can usually implement an open-source LMS at minimal cost.  Surprisingly, many of these systems turn out to be more than capable of satisfying the requirements of even very large organisations!

Technical Authoring

Preparation of all types of technical documentation and training materials. This includes user guides, quick-reference guides, trainers guides, and participant workbooks. A lot of our projects have dealt with software implementations including custom-built applications, enterprise-level systems, and Microsoft Office. However, we have also prepared documentation for computer hardware, human resources, health and safety, and much more. Our work has even won national awards for excellence in training documentation.

See an example of our technical writing here…

Online Help Systems and Content Development

We have developed online help and performance support systems for clients using tools such as RoboHELP, Dreamweaver, Captivate, HDK, and others.  Most of these projects center around online help for software applications, however, very similar systems can be used for delivery of instructions about company policies and procedures.