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Custom PDF Certificates

PDF certificates for Adobe Captivate, the way you want them

Certificates have been famously difficult to get right in Captivate. But no longer!

Send your certificate design to Infosemantics, and we’ll build you a custom JavaScript file. When that file is run in Captivate, it will generate a PDF of the certificate. Perfect for your learners to print out by themselves!

Here’s how it works:

Not compatiable with Captivate 12 and above

Compatible with Captivate 2019 (Also called Captivate Classic). To learn more about why Captivate 12 is not supported, please watch the video below.

Step 1

Purchase a Custom PDF Certificate

Custom PDF Certificate

For Adobe Captivate
$ 45
  • Your own custom background
  • Everything packaged into one file
  • Display value of Captivate variables

Step 2

Reply to the purchase e-mail with your design

Please include...

The paper size

We recommend A4

The paper orientation

Usually landscape, but portrait is also available

The text fields

Certificates without custom text fields are just images. You'll likely want a couple of fields to display things such as the student name, date, or score. For each text field please tell us:

  • The type of text (date, captivate variable value, quiz result, etc.)
  • The font
    • By default we support: Courier, Helvetica and Times-Roman
    • If you want a custom font, please include the font file
  • The font color
  • A description of where on the certificate this text should appear.

The background

A certificate is nothing without an elegant design. For best results, please provide:

  • A png file
  • An image size of:
    • 2800 x 2100 pixels for landscape A4
    • 2100 x 2800 pixels for portrait A4
    • Other sizes are acceptable, but try to keep to the 3:4 ratio

For Dates

Please tell us what format you'd like us to render the date in. Ideally, provide an example. Something like: Sunday, July 20th 1969.

For Captivate Variables

Please tell us the name of the Captivate variable.

For the Student Name

If you're not using an LMS, you'll probably need to create your own variable which will track this. Please let us know that variable.

If you're using an LMS, the student's name can likely be taken from the cpQuizInfoStudentName system variable. However, on some LMSs this will display the surname before the first name (Smith, John). Therefore, we recommend you first test to see how your LMS populates the cpQuizInfoStudentName variable. If you want to change how it appears, please let us know and we can accommodate.

Step 3

We send you a certificate.js file

This file includes everything!

  • The certificate background
  • The code to create and align the text
  • The PDF generator

Step 4

Implement the certificate into Captivate

Include the certificate.js file

  1. Add a button to any slide
  2. Change the button’s success action to Open URL or File
  3. Click the folder icon to navigate to and select the certificate.js
  4. Hide the button so your learners won’t (but don’t remove it from the export)

Create a download button

  1. Add a button to any slide
  2. Style the button how you want
  3. Change the button’s success action to Execute JavaScript
  4. Click the Script_Window button
  5. In the JavaScript dialogue, paste in the following code:

6. Click OK

Step 5

Test it

Preview your Captivate movie, navigate to the slide with the download button and click it. If everything is working, a PDF file should pop up with your custom certificate!

Note: There may be some delay as the certificate.js file downloads and generates the PDF. If you want this to happen faster, then continue to the optional Step 6.

Step 6 (Optional)

Generate certificate with JavaScript API

Prevent certificate downloading instantly

  1. Go to Project > Variables
  2. Create the variable: certprefNoInstantDownload
  3. Do not give it a value
  4. Click save

Change the download button script

  1. Find the download button
  2. Open its success action’s Script_Window
  3. Replace:



This button will now no longer download and run the certificate.js.

4. Find an earlier point in the Captivate project to execute the JavaScript: 

  • It could be a slide enter action.
  • For CpExtra users, incorporate it into your xprefInitAction

That's it!

Custom PDF Certificate

For Adobe Captivate
$ 45
  • Your own custom background
  • Everything packaged into one file
  • Display value of Captivate variables