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CpExtra Version Tracking

This page documents version changes to all Infosemantics commercial widgets as sold from our website. Check the About tab in your own widget version against this list to ensure it is up to date with the current version. If it is not current, log into our website using your Infosemantics user account and download the update. Please note that free updates are only free for customers that originally purchased the widget.

Infosemantics CpExtra HTML5 Plugin

This is an HTML5-compatible widget that replicates similar functionality to a number of our other SWF widgets listed below.

Version 1.4.3 – Released 32 October 2019

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue with videoended event.

Version 1.4.2 – Released 14 January 2019

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue where Edge and Internet Explorer would freeze when entering slides with rarely occurring object types (such as knowledge check slides).
    • Fixed issue where xprefDisablePlaybarScrubbing would not work in projects where the play icon had to be clicked first.
    • Fixed various issues with tab recognition.

Version 1.4.1 – Released 23 March 2018

  • Critical bug fix which stops many crashes.

Version 1.4 – Released 11 September 2017

Version 1.3.2 – Released 27 June 2016

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed audioended event not firing when the movie is playing
    • Fixed headless loading not working in a SCORM project
    • Fixed enhanced object states not working on first slide when using headless loading
    • Fixed xcmndPosX and xcmndPoxY working unpredictably with shapes

Version 1.3 – Released 29 May 2016

  • CpExtra can be installed into your Captivate program files so it is included in every project (Headless loading)
  • Added #syntax, new version of @syntax which applies across the whole project.
  • xcmndAddEventListener can now listen for…
    • Enter – Triggered when the target slide object enters the timeline
    • Exit – Triggered when the target slide object exits the timeline
  • Added xinfoEventTarget – A variable which tells us what slide object dispatched the current event.
  • When using the Open URL or file action in Captivate, if you surround a variable name with two $ characters (example: $$MyVar$$) CpExtra will replace that phrase with the value of the the variable.
  • The following command variables now allow you to assign them variable names. They will act on the variable’s value
    • xcmndShow
    • xcmndHide
    • xcmndEnable
    • xcmndDisable
    • xcmndChangeState (First parameter only) 
  • Bug Fixes
    • Drag and drop objects no longer stop working after being dragged to an incorrect target
    • Fixed issue of xprefPreventTEBOverwrite not working when xprefTEBUpdateFromVariable was enabled.
    • Fixes issue with click boxes not working with xcmndSetCursor
    • Fixed the ROLLOUT event not dispatching on shape buttons
    • Fixed the ROLLOUT event not dispatching on buttons
    • The following command variables will now throw a CV001 error if you assign them incorrect slide object names
      • xcmndShow
      • xcmndHide
      • xcmndEnable
      • xcmndDisable
      • xcmndChangeState

Version 1.2 – Released 23 February 2016

  • xcmndCompleteSlide – Replicates functionality previously only available with SWF widgets.
  • xprefMultichoiceRolloverColor – Changes color of rollover highlight shown on Multichoice or True / False questions
  • xprefMultichoiceRolloverOpacity – Changes transparency of rollover highlight shown on Multichoice or True / False questions
  • New events for xcmndAddEventListener
  • CpExtra object states can now appear when…
    • A variable is greater than a value
    • A variable is lesser than a value
    • A variable is greater than or equal to a value
    • A variable is lesser than or equal to a value
    • A variable does not equal a value
  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.0 – Released 2 February 2016

  • Initial release version