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We are currently updating all content on certain sections of the Infosemantics website to make it even more useful to Adobe Captivate developers like yourself. 

Please be aware that once the updates are completed, this treasure-trove of Adobe Captivate information will only be available to InfosemanticsMembership Subscribers

But the good news is that while the content updates are still in progress, you have the option of joining a temporary 90-DAY FREE ACCESS membership that gives you full access to secured content on this website at no charge, and with no obligation of renewal

Once the web-site content is completely ready, we will notify you about how to extend your access privileges.

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Get better at Adobe Captivate!

  • Powerful Captivate extensions

  • Professional development training

  • Expert trouble-shooting

  • Custom e-learning development

Better Captivate!

  • Powerful Captivate extensions

  • Professional development training

  • Expert trouble-shooting

  • Custom e-learning development

Adobe Captivate Extensions

Chain Advanced Actions

Make one Advanced Action run another. Build loops. Work with recursion. Open a new world of Captivate coding possibilities.

Trigger Actions on New Events

Run an action when a slide object enters/exits the timeline, when a video/audio clip ends, or when you rollover/rollout/click/double-click/right-click any slide object.

Run actions on groups

Hide, show, enable, disable or do any other action on any number of slide objects across the whole project with just one line of code. Speed up your workflow. Reduce your Advanced Actions count.

Smart States

Build states that automatically know when they should appear and disappear.

Technical Support

Complete online help. Hours of video training.

Why fry your own brain when you can 'rent' ours instead? 🧠

Rod Ward

Captivate troubleshooter & Author

An Adobe Captivate expert contributing trouble-shooting solutions and technical advice every week on the Captivate User Forum. Author of several books about Captivate.

Instructional Designer

Extensive professional experience in design and development of effective e-learning courses on many topics, for clients of all sizes, across many industries.

Tristan Ward

JavaScript Programmer

Around 10 years experience working with Captivate Advanced Actions. An expert programmer in JavaScript, HTML5 and lots more geeky stuff.

Captivate Hacker

You won't find anyone (outside Adobe) with a better technical knowledge of the Captivate run-time architecture and its JavaScript API.

Powerful plugins

Infosemantics creates JavaScript plugins that greatly extend what Adobe Captivate can do as well as remove many of it’s annoying issues.

Professional training

Our online training courses and consulting services allow you to solve problems and grow as a professional e-learning developer.

Expert trouble-shooting

Become a member of our website community to gain preferential access to hundreds of solutions to common Adobe Captivate issues.