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The Captivate Multi-tool

CpExtra is the Captivate extension designed by Captivate users for Captivate users. With features born out of real life use cases and every day Captivate pain points, this is the tool you need in your Captivate arsenal.

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What is it?

CpExtra is the most powerful Captivate Extension ever created. It enhances Captivate’s HTML5 export with a long list of new features which work seamlessly with Advanced Actions. It is delivered as a javascript file which you load into your Captivate Program files. Once loaded, CpExtra will be automatically included in all your projects! 

Whether you’re looking to push the envelope of what Captivate can do, trying to make your ‘rapid development’ a little more ‘rapid’, or just trying to fix little quirks in the way Captivate behaves, CpExtra is the tool for you!

It's Extra Powerful

Share Information Between Modules

Want to know which course modules the learner has already viewed? Want to know if they passed the quiz in module three? CpExtra allows you to create local storage variables which share their values between modules, allowing you to do all this and more.

Event Listeners

Want to run actions when you roll over, roll out, mouse down, mouse up, double click or right click on anything? How about when an object enters or exits the timeline? Or what about when a video or audio clip ends? All this is possible, thanks to CpExtra's event listeners.

Run an Advanced Action From another Advanced Action

Confused at why Captivate doesn't allow you to call an Advanced Action from another Advanced Action? So are we! So we built CpExtra's xcmndCallActionOn command variable to let you do it anyway! Stop duplicating code. Start saving time.

Partial Scoring

Not everything is black and white. Was the learner's answer only half correct? Give them half the score. Use xcmndScore to change what scores buttons, text entry boxes and another report to the quiz, be that a score that's negative over 100%.

It's Extra Quick

Run Actions over queries

Are the three shapes you want to hide called: SmartShape_1, SmartShape_2 and SmartShape_3? No need to create an advanced action to hide all three. Hide them with the @syntax query: SmartShape_@. This @syntax works with hiding/showing, enabling/disabling, adding/removing event listeners and more!

Smart States

Are most of your Advanced Actions awkwardly trying to show the right state at the right time? Smart States allow you to give a state a special name so it will show itself when you want it to.

It's Extra Convenient

Run an Action At the Start of the Movie

Don't know which slide the learner will start on because of LMS tracking or self-paced learning? Use xprefInitAction to define an action that will ALWAYS run at the start of the movie, no matter where it starts.

Work with Numbers

Did you divide 7 by 3 and get 2.333333333? Round that number with xcmndRound. Need a random number to add some variety to your course? Use xcmndRandom.

It's Extra Neat

Prevent Playbar Scrubbing

Don't want the learner scrubbing through your course, skipping over content and messing up your carefully planned interactions? With xprefDisablePlaybarScrubbing you shall no longer fear the bar.

Mark Slides Complete

Does your branching scenario mean the course fails to report 100% completion? Use xcmndCompleteSlide to mark a slide complete even if it was never visited.

Some Extra Help

Comprehensive Documentation

We don't believe in undocumented software. CpExtra has it's own dedicated help site with an exhaustive set-up guide and complete information on each and every feature.

Video Courses

We're eLearning developers. We learn visually. Get yourself off to a quick start with our official CpExtra video courses, delivered by the head developer himself!

See It In Action

Watch examples from our Youtube channel

Don't just take our word for it...

Play Video

…[CpExtra] has allowed me to do things I just couldn’t do before … It is phenomenal. I really enjoy it and I highly recommend getting this plug-in.

Michael Stephens

Monkey logic - Head Monkey

…By using CpExtra and the [xcmndCallActionOn] action, we can create a very light-weight Shared Action that defines parameters that assign to a variable. This variable is then passed on to another Advanced Action via CpExtra. This second Advanced Action remains editable and allows us to make changes as and when we need to. 

Andy Karl

Translating Tech

Play Video
Lieve Weymeis

“What do I like about CpExtra? Is it the easy way to overcome some Captivate limitations like preventing the progress bar scrubbing, changing the rollover color on Question slides, and controlling the behavior of Text Entry Boxes. Although I like those tweaking options a lot, I am using CpExtra mostly to create events wherever I need them, to call advanced actions from an advanced action and to exchange variables between modules without having to dive into JavaScript. This is the most amazing widget in my Captivate tool set!”

Lieve Weymeis

Adobe Captivate Forum MVP



Single User License
$ 67
50 USD
  • All the features!
  • Dozens of command variables
  • Slash development time with @syntax

Buy with training

CpExtra + Quick Start Course

Recommended for all
$ 84
50 USD
  • Software + training in one package
  • Taught by the head developer
  • Learn the top 5 features in 1 hour

CpExtra + Up and Running Course

For the power user
$ 126
50 USD
  • Video training of all CpExtra's launch features
  • Quick Start course thrown in for free!
  • 5 Hours of training

Multi-User Licenses

3x CpExtra License

$ 182
25 USD
  • For small companies
10% Off

5x CpExtra License

$ 270
00 USD
  • For medium companies
20% Off

10x CpExtra License

$ 472
50 USD
  • For big companies
30% Off
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