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CpExtra - Loading JavaScript Files into Captivate

JavaScript: Basics

5 Hour Video Training Course

"Help! I need to write JavaScript!"

Stand easy! You are in the right place.

JavaScript is the programming world’s lingua franca (common language). Knowing a little JavaScript is like knowing a little English; it’s useful no matter where you are or what you’re doing. What’s more, JavaScript is one of the easiest languages to learn. JavaScript is nothing to be afraid of. 

This course will teach you everything you need to know to start writing your own simple JavaScript programs.

Lesson by lesson we will introduce you to new programming concepts such as…

…and we’ll learn it all while building a game!



A heads or tails coin flip game.

Watch the Introduction

"But I'm not a programmer!"

We hear you.

Not everyone finds programing concepts intuitive. It looks difficult; it sounds difficult; and if you’ve watched so called ‘basic’ programming courses before, it may feel difficult too.

However, we have been very conscious to prepare this course in such a way that is considerate to new-comers. Our target audience is non-programmers.

"What about Captivate?"

This is not a course about JavaScript in Captivate, and that’s good. If this is your first encounter with JavaScript then a Captivate + JavaScript course would be somewhat overwhelming. Think of this course as preparation for that JavaScript + Captivate course.

That said, we’re not totally leaving Captivate behind. In the final lesson of the course we take the game we’ve already built and make simple adjustments so we can import it into a Captivate slide.

Your Teacher

Tristan has more than 10 years of experience in the E-learning and programming fields. He is the developer of the CpExtra and CpMate Captivate extensions. Outside of Adobe you would find it hard to find anyone who knows more about JavaScript and Captivate. Despite that, Tristan considers himself a teacher first, and programmer second. He is passionate about finding simple ways to explain unfamiliar concepts.


JavaScript: Basics

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$ 88
75 USD
  • 5 hour course
  • Learn all the basic JavaScript concepts
  • Build a game and import it into Captivate

CpExtra - Loading JavaScript Files into Captivate

CpMate JavaScript Loading Into Captivate

CpExtra 1.5 New Features

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