Duplication Issues in Adobe Captivate Cp7 and Cp8 Templates

In my last blog post I introduced readers to the Adobe Captivate template I personally use when creating e-learning projects for my own clients. Hundreds of people downloaded the FREE versions of that template that I made available.

However, this week I've stumbled over some troubling issues that make using template files in Captivate versions 7 and 8 very problematic.  In fact I would go so far as to say that if you intend to use custom variables and Advanced Actions in your e-learning projects built with Cp7 or Cp8 my strong recommendation is that you DO NOT use CPTL template files to create new CPTX files.

If you do, you're going to discover that Captivate proceeds to duplicate (sometimes multiple times) your variables and advanced actions, creating a huge mess.  Worst of all you have no way to remove the duplicates because the project file thinks they are still somehow linked to the original template.

Watch the YouTube video below, which will explain the issue in more detail.

For those of you that downloaded my template already, I recommend you return to the original blog post and download my updated ZIP file for that template for both Captivate 7 and Captivate 8 versions.  The updatd ZIP archive contains a CPTX version of the original template that you can use in place of the equivalent CPTL.


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