My Adobe Captivate template - Part 2 - Dynamic Date Functions

In this tutorial I explain some of the features built into my Adobe Captivate project template to support dynamic display of date and time information.  

I'll show you how I've set up my own template to dynamically display the playing duration of a module at runtime.  This functionality is very useful when you want to dynamically give the user a heads-up about how much time they need to allow so that they can be mentally prepared for the learning experience.  

Another useful feature in the template enables you to easily add different types of date formats that are NOT supported out of the box with Captivate via system variables. For example, you may need to be able to show the current date, in either medium or long date format, on printable completion certificates.  If you or your client is based in the USA, you may also want to use the US date format instead of the European format.

All of this is possible in Captivate! You just need to build your own dates using Advanced Actions that use Captivate's built-in System Variables to assign the values to custom User Variables. Once you have all this set up, just execute the special Advanced Action that sets up all the date variables using the On Slide Enter event of one of the initial slides in the project. From then on, these date variables will be available for use anywhere in the rest of the project.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how this is all done.  

If you do not as yet have my FREE template, go here to download it.


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