Why I owe an apology to everyone on my mailing list

Late last year I added a sidebar block to my website welcoming all visitors, inviting them to join my free email list and receive "weekly tips, tutorials, troubleshooting info, and creative solutions".  

For a while I was able to maintain that schedule and keep my promise. But then, unhappily, things got in the way. In fact, it's now been around 6 months since my last weekly newslettter.

So, this blog post is to formally apologise and offer to recompense all of you a compensation gift...something I hope you will find very useful when you need to create professional-looking e-learning modules in a hurry. 

Watch this video below first...

...then watch this one afterward. 

It will tell you how to get your hands on a FREE template from Infosemantics.


I've been trying to figure out how to add spaces to my concatenations for days. I went to the Forum and had a back and forth with Lilybiri, but she wasn't really able to help. Your simple solution was just what I was looking for. I can't wait to read the rest of the book - I'm definitely ready to take the next step. I love your date/time advanced action. If you were charging for it, I would have paid you. What a simple(ish) and elegant solution to the lack of time/date system variables. Just what you'd expect from a programmer.

What I'd really like is more information about using JavaScript in Captivate. I'm not a programmer but I understand basic programming concepts and I think I might need JavaScript to help solve some problems that have arisen (like rounding number).


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