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CpExtra - Up and Running

4 Hour Video Training Course

Become a CpExtra expert

This course is a deep dive into CpExtra’s features. 

By the end of the five chapters you will do things that will make other Captivate developers sit and wonder… 

"How did they do that?"

Content Summary

Course Introduction

Set Up

Learn how to include CpExtra in your Captivate courses.

Create a local host server

We'll install a local host server to test how our projects will work on the web.

Chapter 1: Preference Variables

Disable Playbar Scrubbing

Preventing the learner scrubbing the playbar is as easy as defining a single variable.

Alter Text Box Behaviour

We'll discuss two preference variables that give you the power to do more with text entry boxes.

Redecorate the Multichoice Question

Change the rollover appearance of multichoice answers with two preference variables.

Chapter 2: Command Variables

Run Batch Actions with @syntax

Hide, show, enable and disable any number of objects in a single line of code. Learn the wizardry that is @syntax.

Mark unvisited slides complete

Say goodbye to your completion status woes. Fear the branching scenario no more!

Change the Mouse Cursor

Change the cursor to an iBeam, even when not over a text field. Display a loading animation. Or hide it entirely!

Chapter 3: Course Communication

Local and session Storage

Via building a functional menu page that displays which course modules have been viewed, we will learn how to utilize local storage and session storage to facilitate communication between Captivate modules.

Get Variables

Change the value of variables by changing your course URL.

Chapter 4: Enhanced Object States

Use Variables to Change STates

By combining enhanced object states with local storage variables we'll complete the menu page we started in chapter 3. All that with NO Advanced Actions!

Change States By Mouse Event

Create rollover and down states on any slide object. Then we'll make states that only appear with a combination of mouse and variable input.

Chapter 5: Event Listeners

Call One Advanced Action From Another

Learn how to reuse your code by calling a series of small Advanced Actions, rather than building one giant unwieldy one.

Respond to Mouse Events

Move beyond click boxes and into the brave new world of event listeners! Trigger actions when rolling over, rolling out, mousing down, mousing up, or double clicking any slide object.

Trigger actions when video/audio ends

Sometimes you need to know when the learner has watched a video all the way to the end. After this chapter you'll even be able to trigger an action when this happens.

Your Teacher

Tristan has more than 10 years of experience in the E-learning and programming fields. Based on that experience he designed CpExtra with features that Captivate developers would actually use.  Tristan considers himself a teacher first, and programmer second. He’s gone to great lengths to explain CpExtra as simply as possible.

Using practical, every day, examples he’ll take you step-by-step through CpExtra’s simplest features, all the way up to its most groundbreaking abilities.


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