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The bridge between Captivate and Animate

CpMate allows your Adobe Animate HTML5 animations to sync with Adobe Captivate. 

Not Compatible with Captivate 12 and above

Compatible with Captivate 2019 (Also called Captivate Classic). To learn more about why Captivate 12 is not supported, please watch the video below.

What is it?

CpMate is a Javascript file that is packaged into your Adobe Animate HTML5 export. 

How does it work?

Adobe Animate HTML5 exports can be imported into Adobe Captivate allowing you to display animations in your courses. Once imported, CpMate communicates with CpExtra. This allows Captivate and Animate to interact with each other, opening up new possibilities and more efficient workflows.

What do I need?

CpMate requires the following three programs:


Sync Adobe Captivate and Adobe Animate Timelines

When the Captivate export pauses, so will the Animate Animation. Break down your animation into different segments a from Captivate set when they should play. Never lose sync again!

Responsive Stage

With CpMate's outer rendering feature enabled, the Adobe Animate stage will expand to fit whatever screen size the learner is using.


Multiple Animations in One Document

No need to create a separate Adobe Animate project for each animation. CpMate allows you to package animations inside symbols. Export one OAM file and use it multiple times in Captivate, each instance playing a different animation. Update all your animations at once! Share images between your animations to decrease file size and download time.

Load Javascript Libraries into Captivate

CpMate can act as a platform to load Javascript libraries into Captivate. This could be popular third party libraries such as Sweet Alert or libraries of your own creation. Made an update to your code? Just republish in Adobe Animate and bring the update into Adobe Captivate. No more mucking about with Adobe Captivate's program files!


Change Captivate Variables from Animate

Change Captivate variables with literally one line of Javascript. Pair this with CpExtra's command variables, and you can show and hide objects, trigger advanced actions and change quiz scores all from within Adobe Animate.

Change Animations from Captivate

Based on Captivate variables, show different images or play completely different animations. Pull text from Captivate variables or captions to display inside Animate text fields.


Comprehensive Documentation

We don't believe in undocumented software. CpMate has it's own dedicated help site with an exhaustive set-up guide and complete information on each and every feature.

Video Courses

We're eLearning developers. We learn visually. Get yourself off to a quick start with our official CpMate video courses, delivered by the head developer himself!



Single User License
$ 67
50 USD
  • HTML5 Animations in Captivate Classic
  • Responsive Stage
  • Animate-Captivate Interactivity

Bundle and Save!

CpMate + Video Course

Recommended for all
$ 84
50 USD
  • Software + training in one package
  • Taught by the head developer
  • Step by step animations and interactions

CpMate + CpExtra

Two power programs. One package
$ 136
35 USD
  • Save 10%
  • More powerful Captivate Classic
  • More powerful Animate

Both + Training

CpExtra + CpMate + Both Quick Start courses
$ 167
45 USD
  • Save 15%
  • CpExtra + 1 hour video course
  • CpMate + 1 hour video course

Multi-User Licenses

3x CpMate License

$ 182
25 USD
  • For small companies
10% Off

5x CpMate License

$ 270
00 USD
  • For medium companies
20% Off

10x CpMate License

$ 472
50 USD
  • For big companies
30% Off