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CpMate - Quick Start

1 Hour Video Training Course

Learn what you need - Today!

CpMate allows you to link your Adobe Animate animations with Adobe Captivate. This course shows you how to set up Adobe Captivate and Adobe Animate to work with CpMate. It will also teach you CpMate’s most commonly used features with real world examples. By the end of the course, you’d be equipped and inspired to unleash the power of Adobe Animate on your Captivate courses.

Note, in this course we assume you are already familiar with Adobe Captivate and Adobe Animate. We will stop and explain what we are doing in these programs, but we will assume you are familiar enough that we do not need to explain their base concepts.

Discover how to...

Set up

Configure Captivate and Animate to work together in the smoothest way possible

Sync Captivate and Animate timelines

Use Captivate effects to sync your animation with your course's voiceover clip.

Group Multiple animations in a single file

Streamline your workflow by including all animations for your Captivate module in a single Adobe Animate file.

Communicate between Animate and Captivate

Change Captivate variables from within Animate. Change animations from within Captivate.

Build Animations for Responsive

Enable outer rendering to create animations with elastic stages that fill the screen, no matter whether it's a phone, tablet or desktop.

Your Teacher

Tristan has more than 10 years of experience in the E-learning. He remembers the good old days when you could pull in an SWF animation into Adobe Captivate. Based his nostalgia for the ‘golden days’ he designed and built CpMate. Now he’s here to teach you, and share the joy of building animations for your Captivate courses.


Quick Start Course

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  • 1 hour course
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  • Taught by the head developer

CpMate + Quick Start

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