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CpExtra Testimonials

Andy Karl (Translating Tech)

Andy Karl shares his story of how his team have used CpExtra’s @syntax and xcmndCallActionOn features to speed up their workflow and create editable shared actions.

Michael Stephens (Monkey Logic)

“…[Captivate Extra] has allowed me to do things I just couldn’t do before … It is phenomenal. I really enjoy it and I highly recommend getting this plug-in.”

Lieve Weymeis (Adobe Captivate Forum MVP)

“What do I like about CpExtra? Is it the easy way to overcome some Captivate limitations like preventing the progress bar scrubbing, changing the rollover color on Question slides, and controlling the behavior of Text Entry Boxes. Although I like those tweaking options a lot, I am using CpExtra mostly to create events wherever I need them, to call advanced actions from an advanced action and to exchange variables between modules without having to dive into JavaScript. This is the most amazing widget in my Captivate tool set!”

Lieve Weymeis