E-learning Services Supplied by Infosemantics in Perth Western Australia

Infosemantics Pty Ltd is a professional consultancy company based in Perth, Western Australia. We specialise in design and development of online learning (e-learning) for desktop and mobile delivery.  However, as the list of services on this page shows, we can also assist your organisation in many other ways.

E-learning Design and Development

This is by far our most popular service due to the explosion of interest in online learning and the continual rise in cost of equivalent facilitated learning delivery. We predominantly use the Adobe suite of products for course development including Adobe Captivate, the current world leading software for rapid e-learning. However, we also use Flash (for animation and interactivity), Soundbooth (for extra sound quality), Dreamweaver (for web development and deployment), Photoshop and Fireworks (bitmap and vector graphics development). Our clients range from small family-owned sofware companies, to statewide utilities, to global resources companies. Topics covered include software training, health and safety, environmental management, sustainability, office-based waste management, and many more.

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As you will see if you click the link above, our e-learning courses stand out from the rest by clever use of graphics and animation (rather than just boring page-turner text), voiceover audio (closed-captioning and 508 compliance as optional), interactivity, assessment quizzes, and an element of fun thrown in for good measure. Where the client wishes to use a Learning Management System to track e-learner interactions, we can also build our courses to conform to the internationally recognised SCORM standard.

Technical Authoring

We can assist with preparation of all types of technical documentation and training materials. This includes user guides, quick-reference guides, trainers guides, participant workbooks, and e-books.

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A lot of our projects have dealt with software implementations including First Priority, SAP, and Microsoft. However, we have also prepared documentation for computer hardware, human resources, health and safety, and much more. Our documentation has even won national awards for excellence, beating out much larger organisations.

Instructional Design

We apply a variety of internationally recognised (and some home-grown) instructional design principles to design curriculums and online courses for clients. We use a customised version of Bloom's Taxonomy to break down complex information into a logical hierarchy. Our courses benefit from this approach because it allows us to simplify even very technical topic domains so as to take learners from novice to expert in the shortest possible time.  Most of our instructional design work is performed during the creation of e-learning courses for clients.

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LMS Integration

Due to our involvement in building SCORM-compliant e-learning courses we have also become proficient at integrating our courses with Learning Management Systems (LMS for short). If a client has no LMS, we can implement an open-source LMS (e.g. Moodle) which is more than capable of fulfilling organisactional needs for delivery and tracking of online courseware.

Web Design & Development

Since most of our work is for the online environment, web design and development is very much part of our skillset. We use Adobe Dreamweaver as our tool of choice, heavily supplemented with Flash for animation and interactivity, as well as graphics from Photoshop, Fireworks, SnagIT, and others. We program in several web-based languages including HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and ColdFusion. We build mainly database-driven dynamic websites nowadays because most clients want their web-based information to change regularly and many even want to be able to update it themselves (without intervention by a web administrator). Some of these websites are very sophisticated, even approaching the status of a content management system on occasion.


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