My Adobe Captivate template - Part 1 - Overview

In this article I'm introducing you to my own personal Adobe Captivate course building template. It's the one I've been developing and using for the past several years in my work as an Instructional Designer and E-learning Developer. This is the template I now take with me from client-to-client when I'm working under contract.  I've found it saves an enormous amount of time in the course development process, and in the YouTube video below I provide a brief overview of the different sections it contains and why I use it.

However, please be aware that this is DEFINITELY NOT one of those simple Captivate templates you may have seen advertised on the internet with glitzy slide backgrounds plus eye-candy graphics or avatars and cartoon characters thrown in to dress up the content.  This template is ALL about functionality rather than look-and-feel like most other templates.

Watch the YouTube video below

I give you a quick overview of how this template works, why it's so different to most others, and how I use it professionally.

If you think this template is for you, download the Zip file below containing the template for your particular version of Adobe Captivate. (Please note that the Cp7 and Cp8 zip files below contain CPTX versions of the template instead of CPTL due to the Advanced Action and Variable duplication issue currently affecting those versions of Captivate. You can learn more about that in this later blog post.)

WARNING: There are a few caveats about this template!

  1. Since I'm not selling this template as a product, you need to be aware that it doesn't come with a warranty and I'm not offering technical support to debug any files you might choose to create with it.  You're getting it for free as a bonus for being on my mailing list, and for being an Infosemantics customer.
  2. This template has a lot of built-in goodies that I use professionally when I build courses for clients.  But that also means it's not really designed for rank Captivate beginners.  So, if you decide to use this template to create your own courses, make sure you watch all of the videos I release about it FIRST!  Please don't expect me to be responsible for fixing anything you break.
  3. I am not putting this template up for sale (as I do with our other Infosemantics widgets and e-books) because I want to keep developing and adding more features to it first. So, I will be releasing more advanced versions of this template over time. But that also means that at some point in the future I reserve the right to remove these links to the free template versions and redirect you to a for sale version if you want to continue using it. If I do that, then THAT version of the template will come with support.
  4. I'm happy to accept any ideas you may have for enhancements or additions to the template.  But since I'm only really using it for my own projects at this stage, I reserve the right to decline to build in anything for which I don't see a very good justification.

And that's about it.  Enjoy!

If you are a logged in user of the Infosemantics website, feel free to post any comments or questions about the template.  

(Only clients that have purchased products from Infosemantics will have a log-in user account.  This restriction was introduced to block the zillions of spammers from entering useless comments on posts.)


As always, outstanding advice and a great free template that I wish I had 3 years ago. The most valuable piece of info was the advice to leave that first slide blank and the color swatch idea! Question; You widgets seem to be beyond the current capability of the HTML5 standard. But, they are soooo cool that I have to ask if you have any plans on publishing widgets for HTML5 output as Cp seems to be placing more emphasis on that web standard?
Thanks again,

Thank you so much for your compliments.  It makes it worth trying to get these blog posts out more regularly.

Regarding our widgets: Rest assured we have looked very hard at whether or not we should try to create HTML5 versions of our widgets but at this point in time we cannot see a way to do so.  The HTML5 landscape is quite frankly a nightmare to try and support.  To many issues at every turn.  We would lose money bigtime trying to make our widgets HTML5 compatible.  But we will keep our eye on that space for sure.

PerSay's picture

Rod, thanks for the freebie and the knowledge on how to use it. I look forward to your additional tutorials. :)

digired's picture

Thank you for share your job's tools with us. Like another followers we are waiting for your developments (widgets to HTML5 output for Captivate 8).
Best regards for you, Tristan, your wife.
Fernando Velasquez

Thanks, Rod! About time somebody stripped the facade and started talking about reality-based development. As much as I love pushing the envelope with design, there's nothing that has a greater return on investment than taking the existing style and branding of a client and showing them how you can add value without causing the style gurus to revolt! Opened the template and cannot wait to hear about your uses for the tools you built in.
Brett Helm

Hello Rod,

I am glad you are back. I really appreciate you sharing your experience and standardization with us. You have been a great resource to many of us. I am looking forward to continuing through your series.

Keep Smiling!

Mike Stickney

Thank you for the generous offer of your template. It's always great to see how other people design and develop their elearning: there's always something new to learn! I'm enjoying poking around in the template, too. The best thing about this field is that one can have fun, too.

Everyone has to take a break away to do other things, and we all have to keep a roof over our heads. I'm so glad you were able to get things worked out. Take care, and thank you!

Great tutorial and thanks so much for sharing the file and explaining it. Always appreciate your willingness to share.

You, Tristan, and your organization are in incredible benefit to the Captivate community. You are one of the reasons I chose Captivate for our organization. We have over 100 autonomous councils in our organization and not only do I promote Captivate I practically insist that they go to your website and learn and procure the excellent widgets you offer. I emphatically stress that they buy the trouble-shooting eBook. There is no question about how helpful you are from the Infosemantics website and from the Adobe Captivate forum as well.

Thank you for helping me as a developer and for helping all the people in the Captivate community. The things you do make my job fun and rewarding beyond the reasons I choose to be an eLearning developer. I greatly appreciate your support in the many ways you provide it.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois


Thank you so much for your positive encouragement.  It's awe inspiring to think that the work Tristan and I have done would have had such a beneficial effect on so many people.

With such an appreciative audience, how could I NOT continue to send out blog posts!



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This template is wonderful, Rod, and frankly rather generous. One of the benefits of Captivate is that it can do so much....but you have to author/program every single thing. the power is there, but not the ease. The ease of Articulate Studio, which I also work in, is the bunch of canned interactions and quiz questions that lend themselves to rapid development.

You've now leveled the playing field, although secretly I'm much more of a Cp fan. With your template, I can author much more quickly, and customizing the program for a particular client will now be a sidetrip from your template instead of a totally new section, authored from the ground up.

I've enjoyed your Troubleshooting Guide that has gotten me out of many a tight spot. This video introduced me, finally, to what you actually sound like. You're as artciulate in person as you are in your book(s). Very nice!

Thanks again.

About a year and half ago, you requested me to test out one of your widgets. I am happy to help again if only to return your generosity with the free template. Thank you so much and glad you are now back with us! You have provided us with real solutions.

softclic's picture

Rod and Tristan,
I am following you both attentively, you are a great resource. I buy everything you build or write because your service is great and products also. I am not a programmer so all widgets build by your company is gift for the community.

Thanks again.

Hi Rod, thanks for email. I have downloaded your templates for cP7 and 8. As expected - professional content, very usefull and helpfull. Wait for next tuts.

Best regards from Slovakia

I've played a little with templates but your video really helps showcase their power. Thank you for that!


Some very interesting and useful things in that template.

If you starting selling it I would certainly get my company to buy it.


HI Rod, thanks very much for your templates, and the corresponding tutorials, which are brilliant by the way..

Kind Regards

Thanks Ron. Extremely interesting to see how a professional organises their thinking.

Can I successfully use your Cp8x template (cptx) in Cp 9?

just a simple thank you for generously sharing your competence and knowledge... without you the captivate forum would be pointless. you make captivate usable !!


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