About Widget Factory API

WidgetFactory is an ActionScript 3 Application Programming Interface (API) containing class libraries for use by Flash ActionScript programmers when creating widgets to extend the functionality of Adobe Captivate 4, 5 or 5.5, one of the world's most popular e-learning applications.

NOTE: The information on this page is mainly for ActionScript 3 programmers. If you want to purchase our widgets rather than program them yourself, go to our widget product list page.

Download the latest WidgetFactory from Google Code 

Download the latest version of WidgetFactory from our Google Code development site. WidgetFactory is a free download. However, if you would like to thank us for giving it away to everyone, you can donate towards WidgetFactory's ongoing development by clicking the Donate button below. You can choose to use PayPal or credit cards.

WidgetFactory 5.6 API Documentation

This documentation explains all the variables, constants, methods, functions, and events available in WidgetFactory version 5.6.  The documentation is targeted at widget developers familiar with the ActionScript 3 programming language.

Widget King's Blog

Creator of WidgetFactory, Tristan Ward (a.k.a The Widget King), blogs about all things wild and widgety.

The Widget Treasury 

Looking for a particular widget to solve an e-learning issue? Pay a visit to the Widget Treasury to find a table listing all known ActionScript 3 Captivate Widgets available on the internet for download.  (You're welcome to tell us about any new ones we can add to the list.)


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