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This page records comments received from Captivate authors that have read our e-books and online tips for Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate:

  • "I first purchased Rod Ward’s Captivate materials with the Troubleshooting Captivate 5 book and followed his online posts since. Since then I also purchased his Troubleshooting Captivate 6 and Troubleshooting Captivate 6 & 7, as well as CP Advanced Action. He is truly one of the truly one of the Mentors and Guides in Captivate. Every book is written in a style that includes great learning principles and explanations and guide the learner through every action. As development needs and goals expand I count on Rod’s work for support to accomplish my goal. If you want a 'get ahead' advantage with Captivate then seriously consider his books as well as his resources and tools!"
    Gordon Svoboda, USA
  • "This just saved 3 weeks of work for me!"
  • "First of all I would like to thank you personally for a fantastc Book!!!! A real asset to Captivate users!!!"
  • "I wouldn't be surprised if a publisher comes knocking on your door."
  • "It is an invaluable resource. Thank you very much for all the hard work and sharing your expertise and experience."
  • "Actually, my boss purchased a copy for use at took me about 5 minutes review to realize I had to have a copy for peers were not going to be happy with me having the copy checked out to read cover to cover.  I look forward to learning about bugs that I haven't encountered yet."
  • "Rod if I buy this will you digitally autograph my ebook?"
  • "Thanks Rod Ward for excellent publication Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate 6/7. I highly recommend this ebook for all pro elearning CP developers. A lot of usefull, practical advanced informations, really handy. I learn, learn, learn... .-:)" 
  • "Just purchased and started reading your book, great job, well written and easy to understand. I consider myself to be somewhat fluent in Captivate but I am already learning new things. Many thanks."
  • "This is such a great resource. Everyday I learn more and I usually save time and almost always avoid unanticipated problems as a result of turning to your Troubleshooting guide. Really excellent. Feel free to post my appreciation. I would recommend this document to any and all Adobe Captivate developers or potential users."
  • "I would like to thank you personally for a fantastc Book!!!! A real asset to Captivate users!!!" Stephanie
  • "I bought your Captivate 6 Troubleshooting book several months ago and use it all the time. It is FANTASTIC! As a professional technical writer, I really appreciate great technical writing."
  • "I purchased the ebook four months ago with personal funds and have used it often since then to solve problems on my work projects. I am happy I purchased it and would gladly do it again. It is my first reference when something comes up, and I usually don't have to go any further. I particularly liked the advice on how to set parameters before starting a project. Well worth the purchase price."
    Barry Stadd, USA
  • "I bought your books because I already used some of your excellent widgets and read many of your entries on Adobe boards. Both books delivered, not only the answers to my questions, but also answers to questions which I had not yet formulated. The prices were extremely reasonable. I would certainly be happy to recommend them to anyone who asked."
    Chazz Garrat, United Kingdom.
  • "I needed an up-to-date resource for troubleshooting Captivate 7, as I had not used this version yet, and there is nothing else available to serve this need. The e-book is fantastic and helped me to better understand how Captivate is supposed to work which answered many issues I was having. In the book, Rod states that if I can’t find what I’m seeking in the e-book or on any of the forums, I can contact him. I did and greatly appreciated that he was willing to assist further beyond purchase of the book. Is it worth the asking price? Absolutely! I would say, if you want to better understand Captivate and troubleshoot problems, purchase this e-book."
    Kris Thayer, San Franciso Bay area, California, USA. 
  • "I purchased widgets from Infosemantics in the past and found them very useful saving me hours of time. What impressed me is how Rod responded to my questions promptly, and did so happily without charge. Infosemantics policy on updates is a model for others to emulate. In regard to Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate, this book have saved me many hours of frustration that comes with Adobe Captivate. Many times I was just ready to give up, but this well written book helped me identify hidden problems, and provided the solutions I needed to make things work. All too often I felt lost in cyberspace with intermittent problems. It helped explain why. If you use Captivate you absolutely need this book! Get it now! Don't wait."
    Joe Boyle, Marquette, Michigan USA.
  • "I happened to start learning Adobe Captivate the week that version 7 was released (I’m an elearning developer for a hospital). Every time I sought help on some online forum, Rod Ward was there chiming in with the voice of reason and experience. It was an easy decision to purchase his ebook “Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate” when it came out. It’s chock full of hard-won lessons learned. There were dozens of items that I haven’t seen noted anywhere else on the intricacies of making things work. If you think about it, if his hundreds of pages of good intel saves you 1 hour of needless frustration, the book has paid for itself. I’m guessing he’s saved me many dozens."
    Douglas Campbell, United KIngdom

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