Are you wasting too many hours troubleshooting annoying issues in Adobe Captivate?

How would you like to be able to set up Adobe Captivate on your system to eliminate scores of issues before they even get a chance to occur, then get immediate access to hundreds of proven solutions for the issues that DO crop up, without spending hours on the web sifting through dozens of old forum posts and web pages? 

If you're an Adobe Captivate e-learning developer and you answered yes to the above questions, then Infosemantics' e-books about Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted time. They're downloadable e-books (in printable PDF format) that contains hundreds of pages of detailed information, complete with screenshots, to show you exactly what you need to do to resolve issues. Many issues even have multiple solutions you can try.

Download the Table of Contents and first 40 pages of the Troubleshooting Captivate 8/9 e-book for a free preview!

This information isn't in the Captivate help files!

Hi, my name is Rod Ward and I' the author of all e-books you see listed on this page.  I'm  a professional Instructional Designer and E-learning Developer working as a freelance consultant under contract to corporations (mainly here in Australia where I live).

In my professional career I've used every version of Adobe Captivate since it first came out. If you’ve ever visited the Adobe Captivate Forum or posted a question there, you’ve probably seen my name mentioned. I’ve contributed around 10,000 forum posts answering troubleshooting questions for other Captivate users just like yourself.  

Some years ago I decided to write these e-books to collect and condense everything I know about how to debug issues encountered while using Captivate. Each one took several months to write, and they illustrated with hundreds of screenshots taken using the actual Captivate versions discussed.

Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate 8 and 9 is now the latest e-book to be released in this series. 

By the way, if you're not currently using either Captivate 8 or 9, there’s an e-book dedicated to Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate 6/7 and another one about Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate 5/5.5. (And if you REALLY want to take your e-learning skills to the next level and create highly interactive e-learning, check out my Infosemantics Guide to Adobe Captivate Advanced Actions.)

Are these e-books worth the asking price?  What do actual readers say?

(By the case you're wondering...all of the people below paid for their e-books. No freebies.)

"While searching the web for a solution to a specific Captivate problem I came across a reference to Infosemantics' e-book about Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate. A quick review of the sample pages was enough to convince me that it was worth the asking price. I was not disappointed. Not only did it answer my initial question, it has since served as an excellent resource for trouble shooting the types of problems that are inevitable with a complex software in today’s corporate environment. Would I recommend this book to anyone else? I already have, to many of my colleagues and anyone else who would listen. If you use Captivate, this book is a great resource." 
Steve Murton, Senior Instructional Designer, Houston, Texas

“My company was experiencing issues related to conversion of projects t from Captivate 5.5 to 6 to 6.1 to 7. We needed a resource that allowed us to troubleshoot issues related to both 6 and 7 quickly. This book has been the go-to resource for this project. Rod Ward delivered and then some. My team has recently revised our development processes and quality assurance procedures – this book was instrumental in setting the milestones for both. Was it worth the asking price? Are you serious??? Rod provides free updates, allows me to email him with questions if I still can’t figure out what I broke, and provides a touchstone resource – for 50% of what a month’s subscription to Captivate costs! You need to buy this book. The content and readability are superb, it’s incredibly easy to navigate and find your issues, and it will save you a tremendous amount of time in the development process.”
Brett Helm, Jacksonville Florida USA.

“I run a small elearning development business and I use Captivate because my focus is on adaptability and accessibly. Like you, I appreciate the power and flexibility of Captivate and I'm prepared to work with and around its technical "issues". So there is no way I could resist a book titled "Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate 6 & 7". I enjoy doing my own troubleshooting, but I know I should be spending more time on problems that are more important to my business. I'm happy to say that the book has more than paid for itself and is now my first choice (yes, even before Google) when I need a quick answer to a Captivate problem. In some ways I'd like to keep the book a secret, but I really hope it gets the recognition it deserves so that you'll be encouraged to update it often to keep pace with Adobe's rapid release cycles. There's already plenty of troubleshooting fodder in the recent 7.01 release and CP8 is probably not too far away.”
Martin Brown, Melbourne, Australia.

"The main reason I purchased your book is that I wasn’t getting satisfactory answers to the problems I was having with Captivate 6 from other reference books on the market or from the Adobe Captivate forums. Not only have I been able to quickly find answers to pesky problems that bedeviled me for months, and for which there was either conflicting or no information on the Adobe forums, I have been able to get tips for reducing file size as well as other helpful information to improve the quality of my Captivate videos. As a professional technical writer, I am very appreciative of an author who so skillfully shows a talent for excellent user-centered design. The price is dirt cheap for a book that has saved me countless hours scouring the Adobe help forums or trying to find answers to problems in other (frankly, less helpful) books about Captivate. This is by far the best reference book I’ve ever purchased. Anyone who uses Captivate should purchase this book. It is a gold mine!"
Sandy Bartell PhD, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

“I was looking for solutions to a Captivate problem, and actually emailed Rod about something that wasn't in the book. He was able to provide me with some great insights, and that helped immensely. Most times the solution in the book helps by directing me to look in sections of captivate that I might not have considered. If I can save hours of troubleshooting by looking at the book and getting some idea of where to look, then I would say it is well worth it, even if I only had to use the book once! Would I recommend it to someone else? YES....why try to spend hours troubleshooting? A no brainer.”
Carolyn Hoekstra, Ontario, Canada

"I work at a major university and we have just begun to get involved with e-learning projects. In our office, we use all of the Adobe products. I was rather surprised when we first began at how few resources were available for Adobe Captivate. When I found your book online I was excited, as a 'troubleshooting' book was just what we were were looking for. Your book has been a great resource for us! I love it's layout. Very easy to find specific areas, easy to read, excellent images. Short, sweet and to the point. Exactly the way I like to read. Very helpful information for those of us just starting with the software. I would definitely recommend the book to others, beginners or more advanced. A great value. I find your book so worthwhile though, that I am going to print it out and put a plastic binder on it myself! :-) Thank you for an excellent book."
Karen Edwards, Illinois, USA

"I am the first of my team to explore Captivate as a development tool. I have always heard about Captivate’s capabilities and popularity in the eLearning world, but have never tried developing courses in that capacity. Our LMS system has been buggy, as have our experiences with Captivate. Due to the 'new world' experience, I wanted to seek answers to the questions I kept encountering regarding publishing interactions, and why outputs often went awry. The book seemed like a great solution. It has covered all the answers I have had so far. I cannot say I have read it cover to cover, but for what I need and when I need it, it definitely delivers. I would definitely recommend it to others. I often struggle to find good resources online that break Captivate down to the easy-to-understand basics, especially from the eLearning side. I have found your site and your eBooks to do just that. That’s a big reason why I am a returning customer for your books and widgets."
Phil Havlik, United States of America.

"This is a must have book for every Captivate Developer. As an eLearning solutions provider, we help our customers overcome the hurdles to using Captivate. We purchased this book so we can not only help our clients, but also ourselves become a better solutions provider. The book is worth it's weight in gold and it paid for itself within the first week of use. The book has already saved my hide numerous times. If you want to save yourself from going prematurely bald or gnawing your fingernails to the nub, get this book! It not only gives you troubleshooting techniques, but it explains very well the history behind Adobe's madness, and ways to avoid mistakes in the future. It was worth the price...and them some!"
Jim Leichliter, Virginia, USA.

"While searching for answers to Captivate questions, (quiz settings, publishing formats to SumTotal LMS, etc.) this eBook appeared in Google search results. After reading some of the provided samples from the eBook, I decided my fellow team members and I, would benefit from this information as a handy reference. This very thorough eBook did provide major insights into preparing the computer work environment before using Captivate to develop eLearning. My team at work recently upgraded to from Cap 4 to Cap 6 and also needed guidance about the new enhancements. Nearly every section provided knowledge that was both timely (due to projects underway) and helpful for the future. Also, some publishing errors were found to be on the LMS side and not with Cap 6 at all. Was it worth the price? Absolutely! The$35.00 US asking price was fair for the bountiful and expert knowledge provided. The Infosemantics Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate (6 & 7) eBook is a great Go-To reference for anyone doing serious, deadline-driven eLearning authoring and doesn’t have the time to prowl the Adobe forums. The table of contents allows you to pick just the right section to seek answers to perplexing issues (that Adobe will not provide) and the suggested solutions are thoughtful, logical and very well explained."
Carol Zeltman, Senior Instructional Designer, New Jersey USA.

"For $35, "Troubleshooting Adobe Captivate 6 & 7" is pretty much essential for anyone releasing a Captivate course. It outlines what can go wrong, and how to fix it when it does. If you get in a jam, this book may save your business..."
Dr Tony Eyers, TekTel, New South Wales, Australia

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How this e-book benefits you

Having this e-book on hand as a permanent resource will help you in the following ways:

  • Avoid wasting valuable course development time looking for solutions to Adobe Captivate issues. 
  • Get direct access to solutions that are proven to work for other users experiencing the same issues.
  • Learn how to set up Adobe Captivate on your computer system to avoid many issues before you even start working.
  • Avoid missed deadlines and angry clients or bosses.

How much do these e-books cost?

Each e-book varies according to the amount and type of information it contains.  Prices are from about $25.00 to $45.00 USD,

Prices for all e-books are listed in the product catalog here.  

It only takes a few moments to purchase the book using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX), or via PayPal.  You can download the e-book as soon as the transaction payment is cleared.

Do I have to pay for future updates?

No! Any updates to the e-book version for your particular version of Captivate are completely free.  When an update is released, you can just log back into my website (with the username and password you set up at time of purchase) and download the latest version at no extra charge.

What if I buy it and then decide I don't like the e-book?

You'd be the first one to do so that I'm aware of!  Which means I’m so sure you’ll be satisfied with any of my e-books that I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, within 30 days of purchase, I will refund the entire purchase price.

Let me repeat that: If you're not completely satisfied, you get 100% of your money back.
You have my personal promise.

So what are you waiting for?

All you need to do is click one of the links below to go to page for the e-book that relates to your particular version of Captivate, add the e-book to your online shopping cart, and then check out using your credit card.

If you’re still unsure about anything I’ve said above, please send an email to me now:

Buy Troubleshooting Captivate 8 and 9

Contains over 450 pages of content explaining how to troubleshoot and debug specific issues encountered in Captivate versions 8.0, 8.1 and 9.0.


(Download the TOC and first 30 pages as a free sample of the content)

Buy Troubleshooting Captivate 6 and 7

Contains over 300 pages of content explaining how to troubleshoot and debug specific issues encountered in Captivate versions 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1 and 7.0.
(Download the TOC and first 30 pages as a free sample of the content)

Buy Troubleshooting Captivate 5.0 and 5.5

Contains over 150 pages of content explaining how to troubleshoot and debug specific issues encountered by e-learning developers using Captivate 5.0 and 5.5.

(download the TOC and first 20 pages as a free sample of the content)

If you have any specific queries about troubleshooting issues, send us a message and we'll try to help.


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