Infosemantics Product Support

This section of our website provides help topics and technical information about how to use Infosemantics products.

Help Topics for Infosemantics Widgets

Do you need to know how to use one or more Infosemantics widgets?  Click any help topic listed below:

Installing a widget on your computer

Once you download or purchase an Infosemantics widget, this topic shows you how do you install it on your computer and add it to your Adobe Captivate projects. 

Updating a widget in a Captivate project to a newer version

Infosemantics widgets are regularly updated for compatibility with new versions of Adobe Captivate, to add new feature enhancements, and for bug fixes.  This topic explains the correct procedure to update existing widgets in your projects.

Product change logs

This page lists the changes for Infosemantics products so that you can determine whether or not you have the latest version.  To download the latest version of any product you purchased, log into this website, go to My Account > Files and download the product again.  The available download is ALWAYS the latest version of the product.



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