Frequently-Asked Questions about Drag and Drop

This page provides answers to common questions about our Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget:

About the widget:

  • Does it work in Captivate 4 as well as Captivate 5, 6 or 7?  Yes! The same widget works in Cp4, Cp5, Cp 5.5, Cp6, and Cp7. Earlier versions of Captivate (1-3) do not support widgets at all.
  • Does it work on MACs as well as Windows? Yes!  But you'll need to have at least Captivate version 6 or later. 
  • How many times am I allowed to use the widget once I purchase it? You can use the widget as often as you want, but only for your own personal projects, or projects that you are working on for business clients.
  • What if one of my colleagues asks me to send him a copy of the widget? We widget developers have to eat too. So tell your friend to go to our website, and buy their own widget!  They might grizzle about it, but we'll love you for it. 
  • Can I try the widget out before purchasing it? Yes, we have special trial versions of all our widgets that are fully functional.  Trial version widgets have a watermark over the content at runtime so that they cannot be used on commercial projects. Contact us if you would like to use this widget to perform a a trial before purchase.  You can download trial widgets from here.
  • What types of Captivate objects can I use? You can use almost any object Captivate allows you to add to a question slide.  Check out this demo to see examples. The most common choices are text captions (including transparent captions), images, animations, and highlight boxes (a good choice for target areas). You cannot use clickboxes, buttons, or slidelets because Captivate does not allow interactive elements to be added to a question slide. You can add rollover captions and rollover images, only the rollover area can be dragged.  Drawn shapes such as circles, rectangles and polygons are not supported as drag objects, or hit areas because of the way Adobe has set the registration point of these shapes to be the top left corner pixel of each slide.  This means snapping behaviour is not going to work as expected.  
    NOTE:  There is a known incompatibility issue with Captivate 5 text animations and Flash player version 1.1 which causes the Captivate movie screen to be black and unresponsive.  Captivate 4 text animations are unaffected.  Captivate 5 users should download and install the Adobe patch for this issue. More information here...> 

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