Interactive Drag and Drop Widget (AS3)

Compatible with Captivate versions 5 to 9 (but not for HTML5). Buy it now!

Infosemantics has two Drag and Drop widgets compatible with all Adobe Captivate outputs except HTML5. It allows e-learning developers to quickly create highly engaging drag and drop interactions. This page contains information and links relevant to the Interactive Drag and Drop Widget. Information about our Drag and Drop Question Widget can be found here.

Why you need this widget

Interactive Drag and Drop Widget is an ActionScript 3 (AS3) widget for Adobe Captivate 5 or above. (Please note that AS3 widgets are not compatible with Captivate HTML5 or Responsive Design output.)  This widget allows e-learning authors to create highly engaging e-learning interactions on normal slides (not quiz slides) using text captions, text animations, highlight boxes, images, animations and even video files as drag or target objects.

This new widget works in a similar way to our Drag and Drop Lite question widget except that it creates drag and drop interactions on normal Captivate slides rather than requiring a quiz slide. Additionally, multiple widgets can be used on the same slide to create several different drag and drop scenarios, each contributing a different score to your quiz.

If unsure about which widget would best match your requirements, read this article comparing both drag and drop widgets and explaining how they differ.

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Why Use Interactive Widgets?

An interactive widget works in a similar way to a button or click box in Captivate.  It can show Success or Failure captions, report a score value to a quiz, trigger Advanced Actions, change Variable values, and much more. With other types of interactive objects such as click boxes or buttons, success or failure events are triggered by mouse clicks. However, with the Interactive Drag and Drop widget, a success or failure event is triggered when one or more drag objects are dropped on matching targets.  Another very useful feature of interactive widgets is that you are not limited to using a single widget on a slide (as is the case with question widgets).  So you can use as many drag and drop widgets as you want to create very sophisticated interactions.

Interactive Drag and Drop Scenarios

Customers that purchased and used our Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget have provided feedback on certain situations where it could not create the specific interactions they needed.  We took their suggestions on board and found that the solution required an interactive widget. 

Here are just a few situations where the Drag and Drop Interactive Widget solves an interactivity issue:

  • You need to have multiple drag and drop scenarios on a single slide.  Question widgets cannot be added to normal Captivate slides.  But you can have multiple Drag and Drop Interactive Widgets on a single slide with each widget creating a different interaction.
  • You need your drag and drop interaction to be part of a larger interaction using other objects such as click boxes or buttons. None of these objects are permitted on quiz slides, so the only way to create this scenario is on normal Captivate slides.
  • You need to create an interaction where there is more than one correct answer.  With the Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget this is not possible because a quiz question can have only one correct answer.  But since you can use multiple Drag and Drop Interactive Widgets on a single slide, each widget can reference the same drag and target objects and each look for different matching combinations as their correct answer.
  • You want the slide to permanently pause to allow the learner to play with the interaction as long as they want, without leaving the slide. The new widget has the same powerful pausing override options as our Event Handler Interactive Widget.
  • You want to be able to reset the Success/Fail criteria for an interaction as many times as desired, regardless of whether the learner answers correctly or incorrectly.  There are now special Preference options to achieve this.
  • You need to trigger multiple Advanced Actions based on specific user interaction.  Once again this can be accommodated via use of multiple interactive widgets, each of which can trigger different Advanced Actions.
  • You need to enable or disable drag functionality at will.  You can do this using Advanced Actions to Show/Hide the widget on the slide.  While the widget Visibility is hidden, no drag objects referenced by that widget can be moved.  You can then use a click box, button, or even another interactive widget, to trigger Advanced Actions to Show the widget and turn on the drag functionality, or Hide the widget to turn off dragging.
  • You need to generate different scores for different drag and drop matching combinations.  This can be done by setting each widget to have a different combination of drag and target matches and report a different score when its success criteria is triggered.

There are many other ways that one or more Drag and Drop Interactive Widgets can be used to create sophisticated interactions. We feel sure that once you start using this widget, you'll think of even more ways to use it!


My team purchased the widget for Captivate 6 and it does not open a quiz screen when inserting the widget on a blank slide. Help us understand what settings need changed to get it to work.

Karis Collins
Senior Instructional Designer

Hi Karis - I'm not an expert with these yet but have you tried using the .swf version instead of the .wgdt? Also, what version of Captivate are you using?

Rod Ward's picture


Just saw your comment.  Sorry for the delay in replying.  If you want to have a quiz question drag and drop slide, then you need to be using the Drag and Drop Lite QUESTION Widget, not the Drag and Drop INTERACTIVE Widget.  They are completely different widgets but both available from our website.  Download a trial version of the question widget to see if this is indeed what you need.


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