Hyperlink Widget AS3 (01x Single User License)

SKU: wdgt_hyperlink_01

Compatible with Captivate versions 5 to 9 (but not for HTML5 output). 

The Infosemantics Hyperlink Widget is compatible with Captivate 5 and above. It allows you to create text objects in Captivate e-learning lessons that respond to mouseover in the same way as ordinary hyperlinked text on web pages. The Widget Properties dialog allows you to configure the font, orientation, size, colour, and text decoration for both normal state and rollover state of the text. You can even select an option to have a hand cursor appear on mouseover.  Use Captivate's configuration options for Interactive Widgets to modify actions triggered when the user clicks the hyperlinked text.  For example, you can use the widget to trigger opening a web page URL, another file, launch an advanced action, or send an email!

NOTE: Purchase this product only if you require a Single-User (01x) License.
If you require licensing for a different number of users, choose one of the other licensed products in the same category.

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