Rotator Component Interactive Widget AS3 (01x Single User License)

SKU: wdgt_rotator_component_interactive_01

Compatible with Captivate versions 5 to 9 (but not for HTML5 output). 

The Infosemantics Rotator Component Interactive Widget allows you to create rotating objects to simulate knobs, dials, meters, gears, machinery parts, and other types of controls or animations.  Now you can replicate rotating wheels, levers, dials, readouts, animated pie charts and much more. All component widgets also allow you to link a Captivate variable to the widget slider so that you can dynamically change the value of the variable, or use the variable value to dynamically change the position or angle of rotation of the object. 

You can use as many instances of this Component Widget in your AS3 projects as you want. Multiple widgets on the same slide are permitted, each of which can manipulate the position or value of the other.  This allows you to create some very complex interactions and animations. 

NOTE: Purchase this product only if you require a Single-User (01x) License. Please note this widget is NOT compatible with Captivate 4 or HMTL5.

If you require licensing for a different number of users, choose one of the other license options in this same product category.

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