Masquerade Static Widget AS3 (01x Single User License)


Compatible with Captivate versions 5 to 9 (but not for HTML5 output). 

The Infosemantics Masquerade Static Widget allows you to create sophisticated masking effects in Captivate courses using normal screen objects such as highlight boxes, images, captions, and even Flash animations.

You can use as many instances of the Masquerade Widget in your AS3 projects as you want. You only need to use one Masquerade widget on any given slide (even though multiple widgets are permitted) because each Masquerade allows you to create and configure any number of masks and masked objects.  

NOTE: Purchase this product only if you require a Single-User (01x) License. This widget is NOT compatible with Captivate 4 or HTML5.

If you require licensing for a different number of users, choose one of the other license options in this same product category.

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