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This section contains advanced tips, tricks, tutorials, and blog articles related to creating more sophisticaed e-learning courses with Adobe e-learning tools such as Captivate, Flash, Photoshop, and the Adobe E-learning Suite.  If you have a particular question related to how to take Adobe Captivate further, drop us an email via the Contacts page.  We may have a solution or write a special article for you!

How to Beat Captivate's Interactive Catch 22

Have you ever tried to create a software simulation in Captivate 4 or 5 that enabled a rollover effect, a double-mouse-click, and a right-mouse-click all at exactly the same location on a slide?  Up till now it's been impossible to achieve due to competing limitations of Captivate's default interactive objects.  Now a widget makes it possible to respond to up to seven (7) different mouse events from the same Captivate object!

View the working example here. For the full story on how this was created, read on...

Flash player conflicts with Captivate 5 text animations

Yesterday when I logged into my trusty laptop I saw the invitation to upgrade to a new version of Flash player.  Since I create elearning content with Adobe Captivate as SWF files, I readily accepted.

Normally Flash player upgrades are good for my content because they usually improve the playback experience.  Not this time.



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