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Tristan Ward

Straight from the horse's mouth

Tristan Ward built CpExtra himself, and now he's here to show you how it works. Using practical, every day, examples he'll take you step-by-step through CpExtra's simplest features, all the way up to its most groundbreaking abilities.

By the end of this course you'll be able to build things that will make other Captivate developers wonder: How did they do that?


Setting up CpExtra

Learn how to import CpExtra into Captivate as well as where in your project you should place it. Also learn the correct way to preview HTML5 projects and even set up your own XAMMP server.

Chapter 1

Preference Variables

You'll learn CpExtra's concept of command variables and how they can be used to do things such as disable playbar scrubbing, change text entry box behavior and change the appearance of Captivate's multichoice question type.

Chapter 2

Command Variables

Learn how CpExtra's myriad of command variables expand your Captivate toolbox, allowing you to hide/show multiple slide objects faster, mark slides as complete in the TOC (without having to visit them) and change the mouse cursor.

You'll also learn the concept of @syntax and see how it will speed up your Captivate development time.

Chapter 3

Course Communication

You'll learn how CpExtra enables the different Captivate projects in your course to communicate with each other using several different methods, local storage, session storage and GET variables.

During this chapter you will be shown how to build a functional menu page for your course that is able to display information such as whether a module has been viewed, and whether or not you passed its quiz.

Chapter 4

Enhanced Object States

Learn how CpExtra makes Captivate's object states even more powerful. You'll learn how to make states appear according to variable values or in reaction to rollover and mouse down or both!

You'll also learn how to use object states in combination with storage variabes to create intricate visual interactions without using a single Advanced Action!

Chapter 5

Event Listeners

You'll learn how to move beyond click boxes and power into the brave new world of event listeners. You'll learn how to call an Advanced Action from another Advanced Action as well has how to call actions when rolling over, rolling out, mousing down, mousing up, or double clicking any slide object.

You'll also learn how to call an action after a video or audio clip has finished playing.

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