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What you need today

CpExtra is changing the way people are using Captivate. A basic knowledge of CpExtra's features will allow you to slash the amount of time you spend developing interactions, as well as allow you to do things Captivate could never do before.

In less than an hour, this course introduces and explains how to use the CpExtra features you need to know about.

Learn how to...

  • Use enhanced object states to react to mouse events
  • Use @syntax and #syntax to enact actions on multiple objects at once
  • USe local storage variables to communicate between Captivate projects
  • Call an Advanced Action from another Advanced Action
  • Call Advanced Actions when an audio clip ends

Learn from the best

Tristan Ward has years of experience in the E-learning field. Based on that experience he designed CpExtra pragmatically with features that you will actually use.

He has always considered himself a teacher first and programmer second, and has gone to great lengths to explain CpExtra as simply as possible.

Tristan Ward

Need something more in-depth?

Our Up and Running with CpExtra course has over four hours of training for CpExtra, giving you a comprehensive overview of practically every feature.

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