Adobe Captivate YouTube Video Tutorials

 This page lists video tutorials from our Infosemantics YouTube channel.  If you want advanced instructions on how to use Adobe Captivate to create engaging e-learning, these videos will show you what to do.

This video shows how to configure Easing in our Infosemantics Component widgets to create smooth animations of sliding or rotating controls.

How to use Evaluation options in component widgets to control interactivity.

 How to attach items to sliding screen objects to simulate scrolling web pages in Adobe Captivate.

 How to use Custom Cursor and Masquerade Widgets to create an engaging building induction that simulates using a torch in a darkened building.

 How to create a spinning Wheel of Fortune interaction using the Rotator Component widget and an interactive thermometer using the Slider Component Widget.  This video also shows how to use the Throwing feature of the component widgets to throw or spin objects.

 Create masking effects in Adobe Captivate using the Masquerade widget.  This widget becomes especially powerful when combined with other Infosemantics widgets such as the Custom Cursor, Slider or Rotator Components.

 Getting started with the Rotator Component widget to create rotating objects in Adobe Captivate.

 Getting started with the Slider Component widget to create sliding controls or simulated scrolling windows in Adobe Captivate.

How to bind Adobe Captivate user variables to sliding or rotating controls created using the Slider or Rotator Component widgets.

Create a simulated scrolling window in Adobe Captivate using the Slider Component widget. This tutorial also explains how to use your mouse cursor and even the mouse wheel to control scrolling of the objects.

This tutorial explains how to use the Custom Cursor widget to dynamically change the screen mouse cursor in Adobe Captivate e-learning modules. You can change the cursor into almost any image or object.

How to create a complex interaction in Adobe Captivate that uses Partial Scoring. This tutorial shows how to combine objects such as click boxes, buttons, text-entry boxes, or interactive widgets with the Interactive Master Widget to create partially scored interactions.

Create drag and drop interactions with multiple correct answers in Adobe Captivate using Interactive Drag and Drop widgets in combination with the Interactive Master widget.




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