How to Update Your Infosemantics Widget

Here at Infosemantics we're always looking for ways to improve our AS3 widgets for Adobe Captivate by adding new features, fixing bugs, etc.  So from time to time we release new widget version so that clients can log into the secured area of our website to download the new widget update file free of charge. This page outlines the procedures for downloading new widget updates and replacing older version widgets in your Captivate projects.

NOTE: Please be aware that Infosemantics widgets are licensed to individual Captivate developers, just as Captivate itself is. Only the authorised client who originally purchased the widget license will be able to download the latest widget updates free of charge.  If you did not purchase a widget, but obtained it from a third party, you will need to purchase a new widget licence before you can download the latest update.

As of September 2011 most Infosemantics widgets now check their own version number against the latest version of the same widget advertised on the Infosemantics website.  Widget Properties will display a green circle on the interface if the widget is the current version, an orange circle if a new version is available, or a red circle if a new critical update is required urgently to resolve some issue.

Downloading a new widget update

  1. On the Infosemantics website home page, go to the User Login section containing Username and Password fields. 

    Alternatively, you can go to log in.
  2. Log in with the username and password you received at the time you purchased your widget, or when you originally created your user account. 
    NOTE: If you do not have a user account, but you ARE the original purchaser, use our Contact form to provide details of the original purchase (purchase date, invoice/order #, type of widget) so that we can set up a new user account for you.
  3. After logging in, click the link to My Account.
  4. When you reach your My Account page, click the Files link.
  5. On the File Downloads page, click the relevant link to download the latest version of the widget that needs updating.
  6. Save the downloaded file to a suitable folder on your PC hard drive. 
    NOTE: Do not yet over-write the previous version of this widget, because you may need it when updating projects. (See the update instructions below.) It is recommended that you always keep one copy of the widget in a folder somewhere outside your Captivate install directory just in case you one day update your Captivate version, which could inadvertently wipe out your only copy of the widget.

Updating a Widget in an Existing Captivate Project

Once you have the new version of a widget on you PC, you may choose to update the widget in any projects where it is used.  This is not really necessary if the current widget is functioning satisfactorily.

However, if you DO decide to update project file widgets, the update process is much easier if you were the original author of the Captivate project, because the project file 'remembers' the original location from which each widget it contains was inserted.  In Captivate version 5 and later, the widget shows a green ball if it is the current version and a red ball if it detects that the widget of the same name now residing at the original insert location is a newer version.

If you were the original Captivate author, and the file is Captivate version 5 or later, you can use the following update method.  Updating a widget normally wipes out configuration settings on the widget.  But please pay particular attention to steps 4 and 5 below, as updating using this method will mean you do not lose configuration settings on updated widgets:

  1. Save an copy of the old version widget from the original insert location.  This is just for insurance, in case for any reason you need to roll back to the previous version.
  2. Copy the newly downloaded widget into the original insert location so that it overwrites the older version widget.
  3. Open the Adobe Captivate project and locate a slide containing the widget. The widgets should show a red ball in the upper right corner, indicating that this widget is no longer the current version.
  4. Make a duplicate of this slide by right-clicking on the slide in the filmstrip and choosing Duplicate from the context menu.
  5. Right click on the widget in the duplicated slide and choose Update from the context menu.  The widget should now show a green ball in the upper right corner to indicate it is the current version.
  6. Delete or HIDE the duplicated slide. 

If you were not the original Captivate author for this file, or if you are using Captivate 4, you'll need to use the following update method:

  1. Locate the project slide containing the widget.
  2. Take note of any objects referenced by the widget and all Preference settings.
  3. Delete the older version widget and insert the new version to replace it.
  4. Set the new widget up exactly the same way as the older version

 If you have any further queries about widget updates, use our Contact form.



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