Installing Your Infosemantics Widget

This page explains the recommended procedure for installing any downloaded Infosemantics widgets for Adobe Captivate.  Though the screen graphics below may show the Interactive Master widget, the same steps apply to all other widgets regardless of type.

  1. After purchasing and downloading your new Infosemantics widget, unzip the file to a convenient folder location on your computer hard drive.  Each Infosemantics widget zip file contains the widget as both SWF and WDGT file format, as well as a basic README file of instructions.
  2. Most Captivate developers will end up having a collection of after-market widgets according to their needs. So we recommend you set up a special folder location that allows you to store the original widget downloads, even though this may not necessarily be the location from which you choose to insert the widget into a project. One of the reasons for having at least one copy of your widgets stored outside your Captivate install location is that if you ever uninstall Adobe Captivate (perhaps to upgrade it) your widget collection might be uninstalled and deleted along with it.
  3. If you prefer to insert all of your widgets from a single folder location, you may choose to copy your widget/s to the same location as other widgets that were installed along with your version of Adobe Captivate.  This is usually in your C:\Program Files\Adobe\Captivate version folder.  For example, if using Captivate 5.5 on Vista or Windows 7 64bit machines, this location is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 5.5\Gallery\Widgets
    One advantage of using the same location as other widgets is that your widget will appear in the Widget Preview panel inside Captivate.
  4. To insert your widget into a Captivate project, you can either click the widget item in your Widgets panel (as shown above), or go to the Insert menu and select Widget from the drop-down.

    Please note that all Infosemantics widgets are ActionScript 3 and will ONLY work in projects that are set to publish as AS3.  Captivate 5 and later versions can only publish to AS3 by default.  However, Captivate 4 can publish to either AS2 or AS3, but is set to default to AS2.  So if using Infosemantics widgets with Captivate 4, you MUST go to Project Preferences > Publish Settings and change the setting from AS2 to AS3, otherwise your widget will not work.
  5. Now that you have your widget inserted into a project, the next steps depend very much on what the widget was designed to do.  For further information, see the help pages dedicated to using each widget.

Widget Help Pages


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