Using the TickTOC AS3 Widget

The Infosemantics TicTOC AS3 widget enables Adobe Captivate projects with branching scenarios to display completion ticks on all TOC items, even though some slides within a given branch were not visited.  It also ensures that branched projects can achieve a completion status to satisfy SCORM-compliant LMS requirements.

How It Works

The TIckTOC widget is very easy to use.  Simply specify numbers of all slides within a branched section using the large text field in the Widget Properties dialog. 

You can specify slide numbers separated by commas (10,11,12), or specify a range of slide numbers using a hyphen (15-18).  You can even specify non-contiguous ranges by mixing the specifications (10,11,12,15-18).

Not only will these slides be ticked in the TOC display as soon as the widget becomes active in your project, but they will also be marked as viewed so that project completion status is unaffected by any slides skipped in a branched section.

One thing to remember about the slide numbering is that if you have hidden slides in your project, these will not be published at runtime.  So the actual runtime slide numbering may vary from the slide numbers you see in the Captivate filmstrip view.  Simply subtract the number of hidden slides to work out the correct slide numbers to specify.

Positioning the TickTOC Widget in Your Project

You can determine the exact timing of when the TickTOC widget will mark slides as viewed according to where you place the widget in your movie.  If you place the widget on the slide where a branched section begins, and specify all slides within the section, then they will all immediately be marked as viewed and the TOC item for that branch will receive a tick immediately.  However, if you would prefer to have the TOC item for the branch ticked only AFTER the branched section has been completed, simply add the widget to the slide where the branches merge again.  Then the TOC will only be ticked AFTER the learner has completed the section.

Using Advanced Actions with TickTOC

Another useful feature to keep in mind is that you can toggle the widget's visibility in a Captivate movie using the Visible checkbox in the Properties tab within Captivate.  The widget will have no effect unless this Visible checkbox is selected.  However, you can use Conditional Advanced Actions and custom User Variables in Captivate to determine when the widget is made visible.  This makes it possible to have the completion status of a movie governed by a set of rules that you control via the variables and actions.  Only when the learner has obeyed all rules will the widget be made visible and the status of the module marked as complete.  This is a great way to enforce certain learner behaviours at runtime.


If you have any questions about the TickTOC AS3 widget, drop us a line via our Contact form.


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