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Adobe Captivate authors that use branching are often dismayed to find that since not all slides are viewed by the participant, branched sections of the movie do not receive a completion mark (tick) in the navigation TOC (see images below).  However, an even more disturbing problem is that course modules with branching can never achieve a full 100% successful completion in an LMS.  The only way (till now) to achieve LMS completion of a branched course was to reduce the completion percentage to a level that allowed for the slides not viewed.

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The TickTOC Widget Solution

The above-mentioned issues can easily be resolved with one or more TickTOC widgets added to a Captivate project.  You can see how TickTOC works in the screenshots below showing a TOC from the same project, with and without the TickTOC widget added. This project has two branched sections where the user can elect one or more paths to continue the module. Captivate's normal behaviour is to leave any section unticked unless all slides under that TOC item were visited by the user.

Without TickTOC With TickTOC
Without TickTOC With TickTOC

The TOC on the left shows that on reaching the end of the movie, the two branched sections are not marked as completed.  This same project also refused to be marked as completed in an LMS when the required completion percentage was set to 100%. 

The TOC on the right is from the same project with a TickTOC widget added at the end of each branch. Not only did the TOC show full completion (all items ticked), but the module also successfully passed as 100% completed in two different SCORM-compliant LMSs (Moodle 2.1 and SCORMCloud).

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Easy to use

Simply add the widget to a slide where the content branches, or merges after a branch. In the widget's Properties dialog specify the numbers of the slides included within the branched section. You can specify non-contiguous slide number by separating with commas.  A contiguous slide range can also be specified using a hyphen.  You can even mix contiguous and non-contiguous slide numbering in the same field, as shown below.

The slides specified in the field will be marked as complete when the slide containing the widget is viewed in the movie at runtime.

Now at last you can use sophisticated branching scenarios in your Captivate courses without getting user complaints about TOCs not being marked complete and course completion issues from your LMS!



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