Using the Slider Component Widget

This page explains how to configure and use the Infosemantics Slider Component widget for Captivate versions 5 and later. (Please note that Captivate version 4 is not compatible with this widget.)

Watch this Youtube video to get an understanding of the overall concepts involved in creating a sliding interaction.

How to bind Adobe Captivate user variables to sliding or rotating controls created using the Slider or Rotator Component widgets.

Create a simulated scrolling window in Adobe Captivate using the Slider Component widget. This tutorial also explains how to use your mouse cursor and even the mouse wheel to control scrolling of the objects.

The next video in this series explains how to set up Attached Items that slide in sync with the handle of a slider widget.

PLEASE NOTE: To attach items that are situated outside the stage area, pay attention to Tristan's specific instruction to use one of the Motion Effects to move the attached item onto the stage area at the beginning of the slide timeline.  Tristan specifies to use Right-to-Left-Ease or Left-to-Right-Ease.  Only one of these two effects will achieve the desired result.  Using either Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right motion effect (no easing) will not work.

The tutorial below explains how to configure Evaluation settings for any Infosemantics Component widget.

The following tutorial explains how to configure Easing in component widgets.  In combination with variables and Advanced Actions in Captivate, easing can be used to animate sliding or rotating objects.



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I am currently testing the slider widget. The slider works fine but I do not know what else I need to do to have a text caption and an image to appear. I have create a variable v_ma that goes from 0-10. It is the value in milliamperes. I have build a conditional action for 4 ranges, I have put that condition action on slide entrance. That does not work. Do I need another widget to listen the value obtained from the slider. If so which one.

If v_ma is greater than 1 and is lesser or equal to 5 show then show image1 and show caption1 (value 1,2,3,4,5)
If v_ma is greater than 6 and is lesser or equal to 10 then show show image2 and show caption2
If v_ma is greater than 11 and is lesser than 50 then show image3 and show caption3
if v_ma is greater than 51 and is lesser than 100 then show image4 and show caption4

Thank you for your assistance.

Did you get a resolution to this problem?

Hi Softclic,

Sorry for the extremely late reply. I didn't actually know this page allowed comments.

I answered a similar question to this over on the forums. Take a look at my answer there and let me know if it helps:


Seems like Slider Component and Rotator Component Widgets do not work with any other Stage than "Normal" for the Handle / Rotating Object in Captivate 9. Is this expected? Any way to make them effect other states as well?

Hi Andreas,

Sorry for the (very) late reply.

When you say a 'normal' stage, what are you referring to? Is your problem that you can't add the component widgets to master slides? If that is the case, then that is because Captivate doesn't support interactive widgets on master slides.

Are you talking about the new state feature in Captivate 9? Because I can't see any way to add a widget to the state of another object.



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