Using the Rotator Component Widget

This page explains how to configure and use the Infosemantics Rotator Component widget for Adobe Captivate. Check out the video tutorials below describing how to set up and configure this widget to create some highly engaging interactions for your e-learning projects.

Please note that Rotator Component widget is compatible with Adobe Captivate 5 and later versions, but NOT Captivate version 4.  It is also NOT compatible with Captivate's HTML5 output.

Getting Started

See how simple it is to set up a rotating object to create a simulated speedometer.

Build a rotating Wheel of Fortune and a sliding Thermometer

The first part of this video explains how to set up a rotating Wheel of Fortune on a Captivate slide and to use Throwing and Friction features in the Rotator Widget Properties.  The second part shows how to assemble an interaction that enables the learner to turn a knob to increase temperature so that a vertical thermometer registers the change in temperature.  This demonstrates how to combine Rotator Component, Slider Component, and Masquerade widgets in a single interaction.

The tutorial below explains how to configure Evaluation settings for any Infosemantics Component widget.

 The following tutorial explains how to configure Easing in component widgets.  In combination with variables and Advanced Actions in Captivate, easing can be used to animate sliding or rotating objects.



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