About Interactive Master Widget AS3

The Interactive Master is an AS3 widget compatible with all Adobe Captivate versions 5 or later (but NOT for HTML5 or Responsive Design output). This widget makes it possible to combine several interactive objects on a single Captivate slide and have them all work together as part of a complex interaction, with combined scoring or even partial scoring. You can even use Captivate variables as slave objects to contribute scores to the quiz results. This widget opens up a new world of creative possibilities for e-learning developers that want to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with rapid e-learning tools!

If you want to try it out before buying, you can download free trial versions of all current Infosemantics widgets here

Compatible with all Captivate versions 5 and above. Buy it here!

Watch this HD YouTube video where Tristan explains the concepts behind how the Interactive Master Widget works.  Click the link at the end to see another tutorial about how to create an interaction with multiple correct answers:

How It Works

As the widget's logo suggests, it acts as a puppet master or controller for other interactive objects on the same slide.  You simply add slave objects such as buttons, click boxes, text entry boxes, or interactive widgets to your slide, and then add their Item Names into the  Interactive Master widget.  All interactive objects report their success or failure to the master widget instead of to Captivate.  The widget then compiles the multiple success or failures reported to it, and uses rules that you specify in Widget Properties to report a single success or failure score to the Captivate quiz.  You can also use Captivate User Variables or System Variables as slave objects and the Interactive Master widget will report a success or failure score on their behalf based on your selected evaluation method.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the widget has very flexible preference options for deciding Success or Failure of an interaction.

What You Can Do With Interactive Master

It may take you a while to see how this widget can be such a game-changer for Captivate interactivity.  But be warned...once you understand how this widget works, it can allow you to do things in Captivate that were only previously possible with Adobe Flash and some expert AS3 programming skills.

For example, here are just a few ideas:

  • Create drag and drop interactions that have multiple correct answers. 
  • Create a single complex interaction that involves clicking, dragging, AND entering of data, but reports only one score.
  • Report partial scoring based on how the user performs.  If they get a question half right, you can report half the allocated score. 
  • Deduct points from a user's score for choosing wrong answers, while still awarding points for the answers they got right.
  • Create math quizzes that allow the learner to select any three numbers that add up to 10.
  • Create an interaction that teaches road workers how to erect the proper sequence of signage and barriers before or after roadworks.  The same graphics must be used multiple times in several combinations. 
  • Create nested interactions with multiple Interactive Master widgets reporting to each other (now that could get really complex!).
  • Create game-based learning scenarios with interactive branching and scoring decisions handled by the Interactive Master's rules.

And there's lots more.  Watch for the animated tutorials we'll be adding to this page on how to use the Interactive Master widget.

if you want to try it out before buying, you can download free trial versions of all current Infosemantics widgets here.


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