Using Hyperlink AS3 Widget

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This page explains how to use the Infosemantics Hyperlink AS3 Widget in Adobe Captivate projects.

Inserting the Widget:

  1. Purchase the Infosemantics Hyperlink Widget from our online store and follow the instructions at this page on how to install the widget to your system.
  2. Open your Captivate project to a slide where you want a hyperlink to appear.
  3. From the Insert menu, select Widget.
  4. Browse to the location where you saved the downloaded Hyperlink widget and select it.
  5. When the Widget Properties dialog opens, replace the default "Your Text Here" with your own link text.

Configuring Widget Preferences

  1. Change the text justification (left, right, or center) using the buttons at the top of the Widget Properties dialog.
  2. Change the font, font colour, and font size using the controls provided directly underneath the link text entry field. 
  3. If you want the published hyperlink text to show a hand cursor on mouseover, leave the Show Hand Cursor checkbox selected under Miscelaneous.
  4. You can configure Pausing behaviour via the radio button array under Pausing.  The default setting is to obey pausing behaviour as set in the Captivate widget preferences.  However you can also Disable pause so that the widget does not pause the timeline, or Disable continue so that the widget slide remains paused until the user clicks another navigation object to move forward.
  5. Another important preference is Reset Success/Fail Criteria.  You can use this setting in combination with the Disable Continue preference to allow repeated clicks on the hyperlink without slide progression.
  6. Click OK to save your settings.  The widget displays your hyperlink on the Captivate edit stage.
  7. Though you may have configured preferences in the Widget Properties dialog, there are still other configuration settings that you need to make inside Captivate.  First select the widget on the timeline or stage, and then go to Captivate's Properties tab. Here you may wish to turn off Success/Failure/Hint captions, or set an action to be triggered On Success so that clicking the hyperlink text will Open a web URL or File.
  8. Publish your project to view the working hyperlink.


Can you help me accomplish the following process? I can't seem to figure it out. I have tried many variations of options in the widget and Captivate slide & object properties but the playhead continues--over-riding my separate pause button--if any Hyperlink Widget is clicked.
Desired slide process:
1) Audio Plays to end with a continue button for going to the next slide
2) User can click and reclick any of the five Hyperlink Widgets on the slide before clicking continue button
3) Whether the Hyperlink Widgets are clicked or not, I want the audio to play to its end and the slide to pause until the user clicks my continue button (my continue button is set to pause after the audio is complete)

Rod Ward's picture

You need to set each Hyperlink widget Preferences to Disable Continue and Reset Success/Fail Criteria. Then, select each Hyperlink widget and go to Properties tab > Options and deselect the box for Pause for Success/Failure Captions. (I'm assuming here that you DO want at least Success captions for each Hyperlink to appear.)

See if that gives you the results you wanted.


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