Using Event Handler Widget

Compatible with Captivate versions 5 to 8. Buy it now!

Here's how to use the Event Handler interactive widget in a typical Captivate e-learning course: 

  1. Purchase the Infosemantics Event Handler Widget and download the zip file package to a convenient folder location on your hard drive.
  2. Unzip the package to extract the .wdgt widget file and view the README.txt file with information about inserting and using the widget.
  3. In your Captivate project, add one or more objects that you want to make interactive. Objects can include text captions, graphics, animations, highlight boxes, or buttons.
  4. Under Properties, give each object a unique Item Name and note this name.
  5. From the Insert menu, select Widget.
  6. Browse to the location where you saved your Event Handler Widget and select it.
  7. When the Widget Properties dialog appears on screen, type the Item Name of your chosen object into the field provided. You can use the same object in both boxes, or different objects for success and failure.

    Widget Properties for Event Handler 
  8. Ensure the Show Hand Cursor box is selected (shows as white) if you want a hand cursor to appear when the mouse cursor is positioned over the interactive object.
  9. Using the radio buttons, select your desired event to trigger Success or Failure captions.  You can have different events for each one. For example, you might want to trigger Success if the user clicks an object, but Failure if they roll out without clicking.
  10. Specify Preferences for pausing behaviour and click sounds.
  11. After configuring the widget properties, click OK to save changes.
  12. In Captivate, the widget displays information so that you can see at a glance which objects and events are currently selected.

  13. Publish your project to test your new interactive objects!


Trying to do a simple rollover with this widget ... on rollover of an image show a text caption, on rollout hide text caption, any ideas? is there any tutorials on how to do this somewhere as well as maybe using it with an "Execute Advanced Action"

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You can use the Event Handler to set up a rollover image or rollover caption with Advanced Actions. Lilybiri's blog has lots of examples and tutorials on how to use Advanced Actions:

But quite frankly, Captivate already has two special objects designed to do what you want. The Rollover Image object and the Rollover Caption object cannot execute Advanced Actions would be perfect if all you need to do is show or hide an image or caption on mouseover.

Any reason why these will not work for you?

I download the trial version. The hint caption don't seem to work. In captivate the hint caption is a caption that shows on mouse over. But it is not the case here. Is it a probleme or do I just don't understand what the hint caption is supposed to be?
Thanks, Laurie-Anne

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Event Handler has the Hint caption disabled for mouse overs because roll over and roll out are two of the mouse events you can choose to trigger Advanced Actions. We didn't anticipate that users would want to have the Hint caption appear as well. In fact, since Event Handler came out over a year ago now, you're the first person to ask about the Hint caption.

However, you raise a good point because there may be times when someone wanted to use other events such as click or double click yet still have the Hint caption appear on mouse-over and disappear on mouse-out. We'll add this feature to our wishlist of things to add for a future update to Event Handler. It would probably just be another Preference tick box to "Show Hint Caption on Rollover" or similar.

In the mean time, there's nothing to prevent you from adding a second Event Handler to the same object that is rigged to show its own Success caption on mouseover and then you can set the appearance of this Success caption to make it look like a Hint caption. So you'd be using the first Event Handler for whatever click event you were listening for, and the second Event Handler on the same object to show Hints.

Would that get you out of trouble?

That's what I tried when I have seen that hint caption didn't work.

For the explanation, in my case, hint caption will be great because I want only images in my slide to avoid information overload but I also want add further information to explain those images.

The problem is: if the success caption is 3 sec., it will show 3 sec. and disapears. The user will have to roll out and roll over again to show the caption again. And if the user rolls over 3-4 objects, the 3-4 captions will show for 3 sec. at the same time (and maybe overlap).

The way to manage is to have 2 widget: one roll over "show" a caption and one roll out to "hide", and of course an other to double-click. 3 widgets on 10 objects are to many widgets because I should make projet that are easy to change for the trainers.

* sorry if I make mistakes, I'm french. ;)

Someone already asked this question but the answer was not was I was looking for. I am trying to have on the same object the rollover effect + make it clickable to jump to another slide. I can't figure this out. Any quick help will be appreciated.

I dont know what I was thinking, but the solution is simple. Either use the widget with a rollover text caption or the rollover slidelet can do it all on its own. I guess I had too much coffee. :-)

I would like to have a short audio clip play when the learner rolls over (or clicks) the word in the caption. I have a rollover slidelet on that word and it displays an image when I mouse over it. How do I get it to play the audio on the mouse-over? Right now when I preview the movie, all the audio clips play immediately and on top of each other. I would like to have a mouse-over play an audio clip (and display the image) for several words in the caption but for each word (slidelet) individually (and independently) with the Event Handler Widget (or other Infosemantics widget). Thank you.


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The way to get audio to play on a mouseover is to attach the audio to whatever object appears on screen as a result of that rollover. So in the case of the rollover slidelet, you'd have to attach the audio to the part of the slidelet that appears on rollover.

You can do the same thing with a rollover caption or rollover image object. Just attach the audio to the caption or image that appears on rollover. If you don't want to see the caption , just turn it into a transparent caption and remove all text. For triggering audio with a simple rollover action, this is how I prefer to do it.

In the case of clicking something that has an Event Handler attached, you attach the audio to the Success caption of the Event Handler. When the success caption appears you will hear the audio.

If you want to see this in action, take a look at Alan Partridge's video here on this page:

Rod Ward

I've LOVED using this widget, it's just been fantastic! But I'm finding that I can end up with an enormous number of them on a slide--are there plans to allow for multiple objects to trigger the event handler?

In this example, I've got multiple roll-overs, each showing a different image. Many need to result in the same action on a mouse_down or up--which means I end up with 20 roll-overs and then 20 event handlers (Or MORE!).

The Interactive Master works fantastically as well--but while it monitors more than one object, it won't allow for mouse_down or up events!

Any plans, thoughts, or solutions for this? Or am I doomed to copy paste widgets?!

Rod Ward's picture

Yes the Event Handler can become quite addictive. We haven't currently got plans to enhance the Event Handler to do as you've suggested, but it's certainly something we will keep in mind. As for the Master widget, it's already complex enough, and many Captivate authors can't get their head around it as it is. So I doubt that we would want to add Event Handler functionality to it. We feel it's more useful being the go-between for a number of other slave objects rather than performing slave duties as well.

We're currently very committed to getting our widgets all ready for Captivate 6, as well as working on some new widgets that will deliver functionality Captivate hasn't currently been able to provide.

But thanks for using our widgets and suggesting more enhancements! We're always open to ideas.

Thanks for the feedback, Rod--Makes sense. I agree on the Master Widget as well--it does a great deal already. Thanks for keeping it in mind, I know not many people are using it so abundantly in the same way I do, so no worries (though I'll keep my fingers crossed)!
Love your work! Keep it up, and I can't wait to see what you've got coming up.

 I would love to use this widget. Does it work when you publish as HTML5 package? I read that static widgets work but I would like to know for sure before buying it. Thanks.

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Juan, unfortunately there is currently no support in Captivate 6 HTML5 output for interactive or question widgets. So, for the moment, even though the latest version of Event Handler is now compatible with Cp6, you cannot use it in HTML5 output. Adobe has told us that extra widget support for HTML5 will be arriving in coming months with dot.point updates to Cp6, but we cannot give you a timeframe at the moment. Even when it does arrive, we will need to issue another updated version of Event Handler that contains the extra code for HTML5. Since we currently don't know how the HTML5 support code from Adobe will work, we cannot build the HTML5 version of Event Handler yet.

Whether you choose to buy the widget now or not is up to you. If you are ONLY creating HTML5 courses then there would not be much point purchasing now. However, if you also use it for SWF-based courses then purchasing now might make sense. Once you purchase any of our widgets, all future updates to those same widgets are free for you.

Hope that helps with the decision.


My understanding was that the widget could do a rollover and click on the same object, which is what I want to do. However, after creating two widgets for one slide, I get the rollover, but the click does not work. I am not using any Captivate pauses on this slide, because I understood that the widget would handle that.

So my first widget is the rollover, which works.

My second widget is a click, using the same object as the rollover, but nothing happens, and then the slide times out and moves on to the next lide because there was no pause to stop the action.

If using a click in the widget, is it suppopsed to supply the pause? Obey pause is checked, but there is no pause to obey. Should there be? Isn't that what the widget is supposed to do?

I realized AFTER I purchased this that it is for versions 6 & 7. I just can't get a rollover to work in 8 or I'm doing it wrong. Have you tested this in 8?


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