About Infosemantics Event Handler Widget

Compatible with all Captivate versions 5 to 9 (but not for HTML5). Buy it now!

Adobe Captivate's default set of interactive objects is limited to buttons, click-boxes, and rollover slidelets. To expand these possibilities, the Infosemantics Event Handler Widget allows you to turn any Captivate caption, image, highlight box, or animation into an interactive object which can respond to a wide array of mouse events such as:

  • Roll Over
  • Roll Out
  • Mouse Down
  • Mouse Up
  • Click
  • Double Click
  • Right Click

If you want to try it out before buying, you can download free trial versions of all current Infosemantics widgets here.

What you can do with Event Handler

This widget opens up a world of possibilities for Captivate users seeking to add greater interactivity to ActionScript 3 e-learning courses. For example:

  •  It gives you a way to beat Captivate's annoying interactive Catch 22.
  •  Make any text caption respond to a user's mouseover or click.
  • Make an image act like a button and execute one of Captivate's Advanced Actions when clicked.
  • Add an animated arrow from Captivate's gallery of animations and turn it into a clickable button.
  • Pause your Captivate movie to allow for unlimited clicks on interactive objects.
  • Trigger multiple actions on a single object from any one of the available events. 

Check out this YouTube video by Dr Alan Partridge of Adobe where Event Handlers are used to create interactive custom buttons that play sounds.

PLEASE NOTE: Event Handler can only be used in Captivate projects published as ActionScript 3. It is NOT compatible with HTML5 output or Responsive Design projects.



Does the Event handler widget work for Cp8? If not, any plans and timeline for the update?

John Alonso

Rod Ward's picture

Yes the Event Handler widget is compatible with Captivate 8. However, please note that since our widgets are SWF, none are currently compatible with HTML5 output from any version of Adobe Captivate. Only HTM/SWF, PDF, and EXE output formats are compatible.

If you are unsure whether or not our widgets meet your needs, we recommend you download and try any of the free trial version widgets available from our website here:


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