Drag and Drop Widgets

There are two Infosemantics Drag and Drop widgets to choose from! Both are compatible with all versions of Captivate from Cp5, 5.5 through to Cp6, Cp7, and Cp8. The two widgets are Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget, and Drag and Drop Interactive Widget. This page is to help you decide which widget is correct for your needs.  It's not really that difficult to decide, and once you understand the different capabilities, you may well want to have both in your Captivate toolbox so as not to be caught short.

Please note that these widgets are NOT compatible with Captivate's HTML5 output.

Which Drag and Drop Widget is Right for You?

Both drag and drop widgets allow you to create drag and drop interactions using almost any object you can add to a Captivate stage.  So you can create drag or target objects using text captions, images, animations, video, highlight boxes, and more.  (The only objects that are not currently supported are drawn shapes such as rectangles, circles, and polygons.) 

Widget Comparison

So how do these widgets differ? Read on for a comprehensive breakdown...

Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget

This is the original drag and drop widget that took the Captivate world by storm when released in October 2010.  As it's name suggests, this widget is designed for creating drag and drop quiz question slides in Captivate. 

You choose this widget if:

  • You want to create drag and drop interactions on slides that are recognised by Captivate as quiz question slides. Quiz slides are automatically initialised with captions and navigation buttons.
  • You don't want to have to set up Submit, Clear, Back, or Next buttons. You want these to be created automatically when you add the widget to your project.
  • You only need a single score to be reported On Success when the question is answered correctly.
  • You need to set a time limit on answering the question and show a text caption when the user is locked out of the question on expiry of the allocated time.
  • You want your drag and drop questions to be reset when the user clicks the Retake Quiz button on the Quiz Results slide.
  • You want your users to be able to view the drag and drop quiz question in its completed state when they click the Review Quiz button on the Quiz Results slide.

You would NOT choose this widget if:

  • You wanted to use other interactive objects such as click boxes, buttons, slidelets, or multiple interactive widgets on the same slide.  Captivate will not allow interactive objects on quiz slides.
  • You need to use multiple widgets on the same slide to create multiple correct answers.
  • You need to be able to disable the widget's dragging capability using Advanced Actions.

Drag and Drop Interactive Widget

This is the newcomer, released in June 2011 in response to feedback and suggestions from Captivate authors using the original Drag and Drop Lite question widget.  Many users wanted to create drag and drop interactions in Captivate that pushed the boundaries further.  As a result, the Interactive Drag and Drop widget is now more powerful than the question widget and has many more configuration options.  The creative possibilities are endless!

You would choose this widget if:

  • You want to create drag and drop interactions on slides along with other interactive objects such as click boxes, buttons, and slidelets.
  • You want to use multiple drag and drop widgets on the same slide to create sophisticated interactions that are not possible with a single widget.
  • You need to create interactions that allow for a range of scores to be reported instead of just one.  By using multiple widgets you can have each one report a separate score, each of which will be added to the overall quiz result (if you set the widgets to report scores).
  • You want to control the widget dragging behaviour using Advanced Actions to turn it on or off.

You would NOT choose this widget if:

  • You want your drag and drop interactions to be recognised as quiz question slides by Captivate.


This table summarizes the differences between the Interactive and Question widgets:

 Feature  Interactive Question
 Creates quiz question slides when inserted NO YES 
 Allows multiple widgets to be used on the same slide YES  NO 
 Adds Submit, Clear, Next, Back buttons automatically NO YES
 Allows question slide to have an assigned time limit NO  YES
 Allows for different scores depending on user choices  YES NO 
 Can report a single score for correct answer  YES  YES
 Allows other interactive buttons or click boxes on the same slide YES   NO
 Question is reset when user leaves slide YES   NO
 Shows question answered state on Review Quiz NO   YES
 Reports scores to Quiz Results slide YES  YES 
 Use Advanced Actions to enable/disable drag and drop functionality  YES  NO
 Use captions, animations, buttons, highlight boxes as drag or target objects  YES YES 
 Use shape objects (rectangles, ovals, polygons) as drag or target objects  NO  NO
 Answer a question multiple times without leaving the slide  YES  NO
 Reset back to initial state on leaving slide  YES  NO
 Allow target objects to accept single or multiple drag objects   YES  YES
 Allow drag objects to use multiple targets and be marked correct  YES NO 
 Allow target objects to be dragged  YES  NO
 Allow buttons to be dragged  YES  NO


Why Not Have Both Widgets in Your Toolbox?

So as you can see, although both widgets can create drag and drop interactions, each widget fills a slightly different need. One widget can never cover all situations you may encounter in Captivate.  So,if you're having difficulty choosing between them, why not simply get both? 

We have a range of Widget Combo Deals that offer multiple widgets as a discounted package. You can purchase the Interactive Drag and Drop widget plus the Drag and Drop Lite question widget in the Drag and Drop Combo.



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