Troubleshooting Drag and Drop Issues

The following information is provided to assist users of our drag and drop widgets to troubleshoot issues that sometimes arise.  If you do not see your particular issue listed below, please contact us using the Contact form on this website.

  • I set up the widget but when I publish, I can't drag any of the objects. What's wrong?  The most likely reasons are:
    • You've misspelled the name of one of the drag objects or target objects. Go back and check the names again.  If the widget cannot find one of the objects, it will usually show a red error message on the Captivate stage at runtime when you test.  However if you've moved the widget slightly off-stage this message may not be visible.  Move the widget back to the middle of the stage and publish again to see if the message appears.
    • You have your project set to publish as ActionScript 2 instead of ActionScript 3.  In Captivate 4, go to Edit > Preferences > Project > Publish Settings and change the setting for ActionScript version to AS3.  (Captivate 5 doesn't have this option because it supports only supports AS3.)
    • You may have the widget Visibility turned off.  Select the widget on the slide and check the setting in the Properties tab for Visible in Output.  It should be ticked.
    • You've dragged the widget off the slide. (This is only possible in Captivate 5 and later versions, not Captivate 4).  There must be at least a small part of the widget still sitting over the slide for the question to work properly.
    • You've dragged the question text captions. or title text caption, or buttons, completely off stage, or deleted them.  Some users try doing this to make more room on the stage for the drag and target objects.  However, doing this can cause the question to function incorrectly or not at all.  If you need more room, drag the text captions ALMOST off stage, but be sure to leave at least a small part of the transparent caption still sitting on the stage area.
    • You haven't defined at least one target object and linked it to a drag object for a possible correct answer. Your question will not function (meaning that you won't be able to drag any object) unless there is a viable correct answer defined.
    • Your Project Cache may be full.  In Captivate, go to Edit > Preferences > General Settings and click the button to Clear Cache.  Then try publishing again.
    • If your question widget slide is the first slide of the movie, and you are using AICC or SCORM reporting, try adding another slide before the question slide.  You can set this dummy slide to a very small duration so that it is not seen.  This seems to resolve a timing issue where the movie is initially trying to establish a connection with an LMS and prevents the widget from loading properly. 
    • Your file may have become corrupted.  Check the filesize of your Captivate project.  If it seems far too big for the number of slides you have (e.g. 50-100 megabytes for just a handful of slides) then you may need to recreate your project to remove the corruption.  Try creating a blank project, inserting the widget, and creating the question again as a single slide project.  If it works in this setting, but not in your main project, the issue is in your project, not the widget.
  • I created a drag and drop question but some of my users are complaining that their browser crashed when trying to play my course.  Why? The most likely reason here is that those users experiencing problems with your course have an older version of Flash player on their computer.  All of our widgets are written in ActionScript 3 code.  Only Flash player versions 9 or above are compatible with AS3. If you users are on Flash player version 8 or earlier they may experience playback issues.  Fortunately, it's quite easy to update Flash player.  Just go to the Adobe Flashplayer web page and download/install the latest version.
  • My drag and drop question works correctly sometimes, but not other times.  What can cause this random behaviour? This can result if you have removed any of the required elements from a drag and drop quiz question slide.  For example, when a question widget is inserted into a project, Captivate creates a new quiz slide with a title caption, question caption, a review area, and several buttons.  You can turn off some of these options via the Quiz Preferences or the Quiz Properties tab.  But under no circumstances should you remove the Question Title caption or Question caption.  If you don't want them to be visible, you can move them off to the side, delete all text, make them very small, or make the text the same colour as the background so that they are not visible.  However at least some part of these captions and objects MUST remain on the slide at all times, otherwise unpredictable behaviour can result.  If you are unsure whether or not you may have removed or replaced these question title and question text captions, try the following experiment: Go to the drag and drop quiz question slide, use Ctrl + A to select all objects on the slide, click the small 'eye' icon at the top of the slide timeline to hide all objects.  In theory, this will not hide any default quiz question elements, including the title and question caption.  So if doing so DOES hide the title or question captions on your slide, you know the original captions created with the quiz slide must have been replaced.  If so, the only way to fix this issue is to start again with a new quiz question.
  • I added a Smart Shape or polygon as one of my objects but the widget isn't working properly. What should I do?  Unfortunately Captivate uses quite a different system for its Smart Shapes and drawing objects to what it does for other graphics and captions. Specifically, their registration point is always in the top left corner of the stage. This makes them somewhat unpredictable when used as drag or target objects because they do not snap to a position like other objects. We recommend you steer clear of them for now and stick with using images of whatever shape it was you were trying to make.  Draw the image in another graphics program and then import them into Captivate for use in your course. 
  • I find that when I set Randomise Drag Objects to Anywhere on Stage sometimes the objects happen to end up near the top of the slide and fall underneath the question title captions.  This makes them difficult to select for dragging.  What can I do? Unfortunately, due to the way Captivate orders the layers in question slides there was nothing we could do to make the drag objects always end up on the top layer.  If you are using Captivate 5 you can implement a workaround by dragging the question title captions and positioning them almost off stage where they are not seen. You need to ensure that at least a small part of these default captions are still sitting on the stage area, otherwise the question will not function correctly.  This is especially true of the caption that would normally contain the question text.  Once your default question captions are out of the road, you can add your own transparent captions that look exactly the same to replace them.  Then just make sure that these captions are moved to the bottom layers of your timeline, below any of your drag objects.  This will mean your question still works, but the drag objects on the upper layers are always always accessible.
  • I have a question where I position all drag objects in their correct positions and then set the "Randomise Drag Objects" preference to "Swap Places" so that the learner has to demonstrate they know the correct order of objects by dragging them back into place.  But I'm finding that sometimes the question gets marked incorrect even though all objects are correctly placed by the learner.  Why? You need to set the widget preference for Use Initial Hit Testing found on the Preferences tab.  This setting performs hit testing even on objects that are not moved by the user while interacting with the question.  However, you need to be careful when using this setting because it can cause undesirable question behaviour in combination with some other preference settings.   For example, if you use AutoSubmit when all drag objects are over hit targets your question might immediately submit before the user does anything.  Test your question thoroughly to ensure the settings are correct and it performs as desired.
  • Some of my users are complaining that some of my Captivate movies are now showing just a black screen! This has nothing to do with our widget.  Most likely your movies contain one or more text animations and your users have just upgraged their Flash player version to 1.1.  This version has a known issue with playback of Captivate 5 movies containing text animations.  Your users will need to either downgrade again to a previous version of Flash player or else you will need to issue new versions of your Cp5 movies with text animations removed.  Cp4 movies with text animations are unaffected.  More information here...> 
  • I don't know what to do. I've tried everything.  Where can I get help?  If you have indeed tried everything, including reading these FAQs and the instructions on the web pages for each widget, you can send an email to: support [at] infosemantics [dot] com [dot] au

As mentioned above, if you do not see your particular issue listed below, please contact us using the Contact form on this website. We will do our best to work with you and resolve the issue as soon as possible.



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