Animated Quiz Review in Drag and Drop Lite

Infosemantics is proud to announce a new feature just added in the latest version of our very popular Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget - Quiz Review Mode Animation. This enables Adobe Captivate authors using drag and drop interactions in quizzes to show the correct answer combination during review mode.  This was not previously possible with these types of quiz questions.  The learner simply places their mouse over a button or object that becomes visible on the slide during Quiz Review, and any incorrectly positioned drag objects will move to their correct positions.

Take a quick look at the following video tutorial where Tristan (Widget King) Ward demonstrates this cool new feature:

Learn more about this very useful widget, and it's companion the Interactive Drag and Drop widget.

If you don't already have one in your Adobe Captivate e-learning toolbox, you can purchase Drag and Drop Lite Question Widgets here. If you just want to try it out before purchase, download a trial version widget here.


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