Drag and Drop Question Widget (AS3)

Compatible with Captivate versions 5 to 9 (but not for HTML5). Buy it now!

Infosemantics has two Drag and Drop widgets compatible with all Adobe Captivate output formats except HTML5 and Responsive Design. It allows e-learning developers to quickly create highly engaging drag and drop interactions.  This page contains information and links relevant to the Drag and Drop Question Widget. Information about our Interactive Drag and Drop Widget can be found here.

Why you need this widget

If you create e-learning with Adobe Captivate and you need to create engaging quiz question slides with drag and drop interactions, then this widget is currently the only way to achieve this goal.  Our Interactive Drag and Drop widget can also create drag and drop interactions, but not as quiz question slides.

Drag and Drop Example

If you are unfamiliar with what drag and drop widgets can do for your e-learning, take a look at the example below of a simple drag and drop interaction created using a single widget.  More examples can be seen from the links on our Examples page.

More information:

  • Draggable objects in Adobe Captivate - View this demo slide to see typical Captivate slide objects you can use when creating drag and drop questions.
  • Tutorial: Introduction to Drag and Drop Questions - A 10 minute Captivate tutorial in wide-screen format that shows just how easy it is to create drag and drop questions with the Drag and Drop Lite question widget.
  • View the Adobe e-Seminar - Watch this 1 hour Adobe Connect e-seminar with Dr. Allen Partridge as we demonstrate the capabilities of the Drag and Drop Lite question widget.
  • More examples of drag and drop questions - Check out these examples, all created using this question widget.
  • Customer feedback - See what our customers think of the widget.
  • FAQ's - Answers to common questions about using the Drag and Drop Lite question widget.
  • Instructions for use - A web page explaining how to insert the widget into your Captivate projects and use it to create wild and wonderful drag and drop questions.
  • README PDF - View the widget's README file for information about how the widget works and screenshots of the Widget Properties dialog.

For more information about how to use these widgets, click one of the links below.


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