Adobe Captivate Drag and Drop Question Examples

This page showcases examples of what can be achieved in Adobe Captivate using the Infosemantics Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget.

  • Simple drag and drop questions - These three examples show drag and drop questions created using matching shape graphics, a jigsaw photo puzzle, and flash animations.
  • Drag and drop photo jigsaw puzzle - This tutorial explains step-by-step how to turn a digital photograph into a jigsaw puzzle for use in an e-learning course.
  • Business Process Training - This diagram of a business process has action box positions randomly shuffled around. Learners must demonstrate accurate process knowledge by dragging actions to correctly reassemble the diagram.
  • Learn Chinese Characters - This example shows a question that requires the learner to assemble a Chinese character by dragging and positioning components.
  • Learn Chemistry - Drag atoms into a target area to form specific molecules. The 'atoms' in this example are actually Flash animations that grow slightly on mouseover.
  • Learn Geography - This map question uses draggable transparent text captions to name the stages of Australia.
  • Watch this 11 minute tutorial on how to use this widget - This wide-screen Captivate tutorial explains how to create drag and drop questions using the Drag and Drop Lite question widget.

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Hi. I am working currently on an information literacy project in Québec, Canada. I found Infosemantics Drag and Drop Lite Question Widget very interesting. I am actually trying to post a feedback comment on each choice that the user would make on a matching question using drag and drop so he would learn along. To get the final results isn't a big issue for me since we are not assessing those results but want to trigger meta-cognitive (self evaluation of thinking process) to our students. Thanks for responding.

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We actually have two drag and drop widgets. One is a question widget and the other is an interactive widget. From your description, it sounds like you might actually need the Interactive Drag and Drop widget rather than the Drag and Drop Lite question widget. Check out the differences here: More details about the Drag and Drop Interactive Widget here: The advantage of the interactive widget for your need will be that it allows you to have multiple success captions, one for each drag and drop on the same slide. The question widget will only give you one success or failure caption for the whole slide. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Hi, I am trying to create a slide where the user can drag a slider to rate their current knowledge of the subject (drag it through numbers 1 to 5) and then later in the course have their answers from this slide appear so that they can change it again based on how their knowledge is now they have been through the course. Do you have any ideas on how this can be achieved? There is no right or wrong answers to what level they pick,

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Our drag and drop widgets aren't able to do what you want in this case, but now we DO have a widget that does. It's called the Slider Component Widget and you can learn more about it here:

There's also a similar compoinent widget that allows you to create rotating objects:

Check out the trial versions of all our widgets before purchasing. You can download them from here:


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