Quiz Behavior

This topic explains how to use CpExtra preference variables to change the behavior of Captivate's quiz.


​This preference variable relates to Multiple Choice and True / False question types. When you rollover any answer caption, a medium gray highlight appears as a background to the answer text.  The height and width of the highlight is governed by the height and width of the answer text caption on the quiz slide. (See below...) 

By assigning the xprefMultichoiceRolloverColor preference variable a hexadecimal color value (e.g. #FF0000) you can change the default color of the rollover highlight.

For example, if you assign xprefMultichoiceRolloverColor with a value of #00FF00 the highlight colour would be a light green as shown below:

Please note that you need to ensure the hexadecimal color has a hash character (#) at the start of the color code, otherwise the variable will not work as expected.


In a similar way to the xprefMultichoiceRolloverColor variable explained above, the xprefMultichoiceRolloverOpacity variable also allows you to modify the rollover seen on Multiple Choice and True / False question types. However, in this case it allows you to control the opacity of the rollover color to make it transparent and thus appear lighter.

xprefMultichoiceRolloverOpacity  takes a value from 0 (completely transparent) to 100 (completely opaque). So a value of 50 would make the highlight color 50% transparent.

As an example. if the same #00FF00 hexadecimal value were used for xprefMultichoiceRolloverColor, but you also assigned xprefMultichoiceRolloverOpacity to 50 the combined result would be as shown below:

Please note that the highlight appears lighter when displayed on a white background. If the same preferences were used on a darker background, the highlight would appear correspondingly darker.  This preference may come in handy if you have an image background.


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