CpExtra Known Issues

This page lists all known issues with the CpExtra widget for any any known workarounds.

Browser Issues

Internet Explorer

Command Variables

Certain CpExtra command variables are not supported in Internet Explorer. They are...

  • xcmndDisableMouseEvents
  • xprefDisablePlaybarScrubbing

This is because Internet Explorer does not support the mouse-events: none CSS style on non-SVG elements.

Microsoft has halted development on Internet Explorer and is soon going to drop support for it. Internet Explorer's successor is the Edge browser, which does support mouse-events: none on all element types. Therefore there is no plan to implement this feature for Internet Explorer.

Local and Session Storage

There have been bugs in certain versions of Internet Explorer which broke the browser's ability to save to Local and Session Storage. Please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or advise the audience to use a different browser.


Edge has not been extensively tested with CpExtra. Some have reported that it works fine, while it has failed to load for others. If you encounter an issue with CpExtra and the Edge browser, please contact us here

Command Variables

xcmndReset and xcmndFlushStorage

Both these command variables need to be assign the name of a particular user variable. However, if you assign either xcmndReset or xcmndFlushStorage with the name of a variable EXACTLY (no spaces before or after, and no comma delimited list), then in the Captivate export, these command variables will actually be assigned the value of that variable, rather than the variable's name. This obviously leads to unexpected behaviour.

This is caused due to a quick in the way that Captivate implements assignment calls. We are currently communicating with Adobe about the problem. However, it's likely a fix would be impossible.

Fortunately the workaround is very simple. Just put a space at the beginning of the variable name, and that will stop the problem. So instead of assigning xcmndReset or xcmndFlushStorage with "MyVar", assign it with " MyVar".

xcmndPosX and xcmndPosY

Smart Shapes

Currently these variables may not position a Smart Shape correctly. This issues seems to be related to the thickness of the shape's stroke. This issue is currently undergoing investigation.

A workaround is to convert the shape into an image, or use another type of Captivate Object if practical.

Self-Paced Learning and LMS Resume Data

CpExtra may fail to load if you use the self-paced learning option. This option is found by going to Project > Table of Contents, in the Table of Contents dialog clicking the settings button (can only be clicked if the Table of Contents is enabled) and checking the Self-Paced Learning option.

This option will immediately jump the user to the last slide they viewed, which means they are likely to never visit the slide containing CpExtra. This means for that session the CpExtra widget will fail to load and all slides using its features will not work.

A similiar thing may happen if you're using resume data with an LMS.

As of version 1.3 of CpExtra you can load CpExtra headlessly. If CpExtra is loaded this way it ceased to be a problem. More info here.


Cannot type @ symbol into certain text fields

This issue is most likely a result of using a non-standard keyboard, such as a non-English keyboard or an AZERTY keyboard. You may need to change the keyboard to 'English' inside of your computer's settings, or find out what key combination is linked to the @ symbol for your particular keyboard model.



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