CpExtra Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to some common questions about the CpExtra HTML5 widget for Adobe Captivate.

General Questions about CpExtra

Dude! Where's the user interface for this widget?

CpExtra doesn't need one. Dialogs in the existing Captivate interface can be used to configure the widget's functionality. See page: CpExtra Basic Concepts

Will this widget work in SWF / EXE output?

No. SWF and EXE published output require Adobe Flash Player technology to function. But Adobe has stated that Flash technology will not be supported in the near future due to security concerns. CpExtra does not support Flash Player, only HTML5 and HTML5 responsive outputs are supported.

Will CpExtra work in Responsive Design projects?

Yes.  You can use CpExtra in both normal HTML5 and Responsive CPTX projects.  Please note the following differences between Captivate 9 and later versions:

  • In Captivate 9, you can publish a normal CPTX project to either SWF or HTML5. But you want Responsive output, you need to specifically choose the Responsive option when creating the project. Additionally, once you create a normal Cp9 CPTX project file, it cannot be changed to Responsive project. And once you create a new project file to be a responsive CPTX, you cannot later convert it to a normal CPTX again. 
  • Starting with Captivate 2017 it became possible to convert a normal CPTX project file to Responsive format.  However, Cp 2017 does not include an option to revert a Responsive project back to Normal.  Going responsive is a one-way trip.  

So, you need to be aware of these limitations and evaluate carefully which of the project options is most appropriate before you create the CPTX in Captivate.  In some cases, choosing the wrong options may mean you have to start another project to rectify the situation.

In which versions of Adobe Captivate can CpExtra be used? 

Only Captivate 9 and later versions.  There are no plans to support versions lower than Captivate 9 as there are many features in CpExtra that utilize Object States (which were only introduced in Captivate 9).

Do I need to insert CpExtra on every slide where I want to use its features?

No.  You only need to have CpExtra loaded once in the project (usually on the second slide). From then on its features can be used on any slide in the project.

Will the CpExtra widget itself show up visibly in the published output?

No.  The slide on which you insert the widget will display the CpExtra logo so that it's easy to identify. However, in the HTML5 output the widget will not be visible. So you don't have to worry about your audience seeing the widget and wondering what it is.

Can I use CpExtra for courses delivered on CD-ROM or USB chip?

This is not recommended.  For reasons detailed here, the CpExtra widget might fail to load if used in a course delivered on a CD-ROM or USB chip. The same issues could apply if you incorporate CpExtra in a course run from a computer's file system or a network LAN.

If this method of delivery is absolutely essential to you, then test whether you are able to get CpExtra to successfully run from these environments if the user views the course in the Firefox browser.

Questions about web browsers

Which web browsers are supported by CpExtra

Since CpExtra is designed for use with HTML5 output, the main requirement for a web browser is that it also is rated highly for HTML5 support. In general, all browsers that are recommended and supported by the current version of Adobe Captivate will also be HTML5 compliant.

If you are unsure about whether or not your web browser is HTML5-compliant, visit this web page and check the browser's score. It is recommended to use browsers with a score of at least 400, but preferably over 500 (out of a maximum score of 555 points).

However, certain features of CpExtra may still not be compatible with all browsers. These exceptions are listed below.

Are all CpExtra features supported on mobile device browsers?

All features that make sense on mobile browsers are supported on mobile browsers. The following is a list of features that work differently or are not supported on mobile devices:


xcmndSetCursor is not supported on browsers because tablets and phones do not display a cursor (and it is currently illegal to warp the user's finger into different shapes).


​Playbar scrubbing is already disabled on mobile devices, and for good reason. If the user was allowed to skip to any slide in the movie on a whim it would mess with the preloading of the movie, which may cause the web page to crash.  There are no plans for CpExtra to enable playbar scrubbing on mobile devices as then our widget would get blamed for the crashing.

xcmndAddEventListener's Rollover and Rollout events

Mobile browsers offer no support for detecting when your finger 'moves over' or above an object on a touch screen interface. If this changes in the future, we'll look into supporting it.

Session Storage

Session Storage variables are cleared when a browser 'session' is ended. On desktop browsers the session is deemed to have ended when the browser is shut down and opened up again. However, on mobile browsers what constitutes a session is much less consistent, which may cause Session Storage variables to be cleared at unexpected times. It is highly recommended to use Local Storage variables instead if your course is primary going to be viewed by mobile device users.


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