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Vendor Details:

Vendor website: (Taleo has now been bought by Oracle)


Based on the information available on their website it would appear that Taleo is first and foremost a Talent Management System, with an LMS as well, rather than a pure LMS.

More information and downloadable files about Taleo can be found here.

Create your own login profile for their user forum here: http://knowledgeexchange.taleo.com/login.jspa

Known Issues:

Users report some issues with bookmarking in Captivate resulting in the dreaded endless loading screen issue. 

You might try the steps explained in this thread: https://forums.adobe.com/message/4921865

At this point the best solution seems to be to disable LMS bookmarking by ticking the Never Send Resume Data box in the LMS Customisation Settings dialog in Captivate.

Captivate Settings:

One Taleo user has kindly provided a number of helpful documents which I have included here as a zip file. The documents include a number of MS Word docs, Excel spreadsheet, and a PPT presentation about how to configure earlier versions of Cp (3 and 4).  One Taleo document also specifies settings for Captivate 5 and later.  Many screenshots are included showing Captivate Quiz Reporting dialog settings.

It would appear from this documentation that Taleo works best with courses configured for SCORM 1.2.  I see no mention so far of SCORM 2004 compatibility.

The documentation supplied from Taleo suggests using Report to LMS as SCORE, however, if using Pass/Fail settings, I would suggest trying PERCENT instead, as reporting as a SCORE can result in unexpected results unless you remember to configure the Passing Score values properly to match.


This page provides details about how to configure Adobe Captivate elearning content for compatibility with the Learning Management System named above. However, this information needs to be sourced from actual users of the LMS and should ideally be updated with each new version of Captivate released. I add any relevant information to this page for the benefit of other Captivate users like yourself.

If you personally use Captivate with this LMS, can you share the Quiz settings you successfully use, or at least state the issues you have encountered so far? If so, please leave a comment below, or contact me personally using the button provided.  THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING!


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